1905 U.S. Open Winner and Scores

The 1905 U.S. Open was the 11th time the tournament was played. The golfer who won it this year had also won it the two preceding years — three wins in a row, something no other golfer has done before or since has done.

Winner: Willie Anderson, 314

Where it was played: Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton, Massachusetts

Tournament dates: September 21-22, 1905

Leader after first round: Joe Lloyd, 75

Leader after second round: Alex Smith and Stewart Gardner, 156

Leader after third round: Alex Smith, 236

What Happened in the 1905 U.S. Open

Willie Anderson accomplished something in 1905 that was a first, and that remains unmatched in golf history: He won his third consecutive U.S. Open title.

Of the first 11 U.S. Opens played, Anderson won four of them. This was No. 4, and all of Anderson's wins happened in the five years from 1901 through 1905. Four overall wins is still the tournament record: Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus have matched Anderson over the decades, but nobody has (yet) surpassed Anderson's four U.S. Open victories.

As noted, his victory at the 1905 U.S. Open was also Anderson's final one in the tournament. He played the U.S. Open five more times before dying at the end of 1910 at age 31.

Alex Smith and Stewart Gardner were the co-leaders at the halfway point, with a score of 156 for 36 holes. The first two rounds were played on Day 1, the third and fourth rounds on Day 2. On the second morning, Anderson shot 76 to move into second-place, one behind Smith (Gardner fell off the pace with an 85).

In the final round, Anderson shot 77 to Smith's 80 to win by two strokes. It was one of two times Smith finished runner-up to Anderson in this major, including an 18-hole playoff loss in the 1901 U.S. Open. Smith won the tournament the next year, at the 1906 U.S. Open, and again in 1910.

Joe Lloyd, winner of the 1897 U.S. Open, finished tied for 16th. He entered only once more, in 1908, but withdrew that year, making this his final finish in the tournament.

1905 U.S. Open Final Scores

Willie Anderson 81-80-76-77—314
Alex Smith 76-80-80-80—316
Percy Barrett 81-80-77-79—317
Peter Robertson 79-80-81-77—317
Stewart Gardner 78-78-85-77—318
Alex Campbell 82-76-80-81—319
Jack Hobens 82-80-81-78—321
Gilbert Nicholls 82-76-84-79—321
George Cummings 85-82-75-81—323
Arthur Smith 81-77-80-86—324
a-Arthur G. Lockwood 84-85-76-80—325
a-Walter Travis 81-80-80-84—325
Alex Ross 79-86-78-83—326
Willie Smith 86-81-76-83—326
George Low 83-82-81-81—327
Joe Lloyd 75-86-83-84—328
Fred Mackenzie 81-85-80-82—328
Walter Clark 86-81-82-80—329
Fred McLeod 80-84-80-86—330
Tom McNamara 81-79-82-89—331
Bernard Nicholls 80-82-85-84—331
George Turnbull 81-88-81-81—331
Bert Way 81-89-84-77—331
Laurie Auchterlonie 85-82-79-86—332
Donald Ross 83-83-86-81—333
Jack Jolly 82-83-85-85—335
James Maiden 80-86-83-86—335
Robert Peebles 81-81-86-88—336
Isaac Mackie 82-82-83-90—337
Charles Murray 84-85-83-85—337
Arthur Fenn 82-83-87-86—338
James Foulis 83-89-80-87—339
A.G. Griffiths 82-84-89-84—339
John Jones 89-82-87-81—339
Charles Rowe 86-79-83-91—339
Harry Turpie 80-86-82-91—339
Fred Brand 83-82-86-89—340
Jack Campbell 83-86-83-88—340
John Dingwall 84-88-89-79—340
William Hoare 89-80-86-85—340
David Ogilvie 90-80-85-85—340
Horace Rawlins 84-90-78-88—340
David Hunter 85-85-88-85—343
John Mackie 81-90-88-84—343
John Oke 85-84-86-88—343
Herbert Strong 88-85-83-88—344
Orrin Terry 91-82-86-85—344
a-P. Gilbert 81-87-91-86—345
a-Fay Ingalis 90-85-94-96—365
George Pearson 88-83-89-90—350
David Robertson 88-87-91-84—350
a-A.L. White 85-87-85-93—350
David Brown 85-85-88-94—352

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