1907 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1907 U.S. Open was the 13th time the tournament was played.

Winner: Alex Ross, 302

Where it was played: Philadelphia Cricket Club in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: June 20-21, 1907

Leader after first round: David Brown, 75

Leader after second round: Alex Ross, 150

Leader after third round: Jack Hobens, 224

Notable Notes: Alex Ross, brother of golf design legend Donald Ross, won by two strokes over Gilbert Nicholls. Third-round leader Jack Hobens — who had the first hole-in-one in tournament history in the first round — fell seven shots off the winning score after shooting 85 in Round 4.

In the final round, Alex Campbell's golf ball sprang a leak. Campbell was playing a newfangled "pneumatic" golf ball, one filled with highly compressed air. But on the fourth hole, when he had moved into the lead, his ball partially deflated. Under the rules of the time, he could only switch to a new ball between holes, not during the play of one. So Campbell had to finish the fourth hole with that damaged ball. He made a triple bogey, and three strokes is the margin by which he finished behind Ross.

Final Scores

Alex Ross 76-74-76-76—302
Gilbert Nicholls 80-73-72-79—304
Alex Campbell 78-74-78-75—305
Jack Hobens 76-75-73-85—309
George Low 78-76-79-77—310
Fred McLeod 79-77-79-75—310
Peter Robertson 81-77-78-74—310
David Brown 75-80-78-78—311
Bernard Nicholls 76-76-81-78—311
Donald Ross 78-80-76-78—312
Laurie Auchterlonie 77-77-83-76—313
Fred Brand 78-80-73-82—313
David Robertson 80-78-75-81—314
Tom McNamara 82-79-78-76—315
Willie Anderson 81-77-81-77—316
Mike Brady 76-77-84-80—317
David Hunter 77-75-85-80—317
Martin O'Loughlin 81-81-77-78—317
Jack Campbell 78-79-82-80—319
George Bouse 78-78-86-78—320
Stewart Gardner 81-79-78-83—321
James Campbell 76-85-81-80—322
Isaac Mackie 82-83-79-78—322
Walter Clark 88-81-79-84—332
Jack Jolly 78-86-81-78—323
David Ogilvie 82-81-81-80—324
Horace Rawlins 82-76-83-83—324
William Robinson 82-84-80-78—324
a-Jerome Travers 81-84-80-79—324
William Gaudin 80-86-82-77—325
William Ogilvie 80-83-82-80—325
James Thomson 80-82-84-81—327
George Thomson 83-86-82-76—327
a-George Smith 78-82-83-85—328
David Honeyman 82-79-85-83—329
Robert Peebles 85-78-82-85—330
William C. Sherwood 82-84-85-79—330
Herbert Strong 82-85-84-80—331
Alex Cunningham 82-82-83-85—332
David Foulis 82-82-83-85—332
Walter Fovargue 80-84-86-82—332
a-Simon Carr 82-87-80-85—334
J.S. Pearson 79-83-85-87—334
William Byrne 85-84-81-85—335
a-William West 87-79-90-79—335
William Hoare 86-80-86-85—337
a-H.M. Forrest 82-82-87-87—338
George Pearson 81-86-90-84—341
John Burke 80-86-89-89—344
a-Warren Cochran 82-80-93-91—346

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