1936 U.S. Open Winner and Scores

The 1936 U.S. Open was the 40th time the tournament was played. A little-known golfer won the trophy by playing a great final round.

Winner: Tony Manero, 282

Where it was played: Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey

Tournament dates: June 4-6, 1936

Leader after first round: Ray Mangrum, Paul Runyan and Clarence Clark, 69

Leader after second round: Ray Mangrum and Vic Ghezzi, 140

Leader after third round: Harry Cooper, 211

What Happened at the 1936 U.S. Open

Little-known today, Tony Manero denied "Lighthorse Harry" Cooper a major championship by winning the 1936 U.S. Open, bypassing Cooper in the final round to do it.

Manero won eight titles now classified as PGA Tour wins, and this was the seventh of those titles. His win in the 1936 U.S. Open is Manero's only Top 10 finish in a major outside of several quarterfinal and semifinal showings in the match-play PGA Championship. Manero only got into this tournament by chipping in on the final hole of a sectional qualifying tournament.

Cooper won 31 PGA Tour events, the record for most wins by a golfer who never won a major. Cooper came close plenty of times, with four seconds and nine other Top 10s.

Manero's victory was not without controversy. Back in these early years of professional golf, pairings were not based on players' tournament standings; golfers were often paired for obscure reasons, reasons of traditions, or for numerous other reasons — including, sometimes, because one golfer requested a pairing with another.

Manero trailed Cooper by four strokes entering the final round, and Manero was paired with Gene Sarazen (who was well down in the standings). The reason is that Sarazen requested the pairing. Sarazen felt that Manero would be more relaxed playing with him — he was Manero's idol and friend — and stand a better chance of playing well over the final 18 holes.

Sarazen was right, as Manero closed with a then-course-record 67 to Cooper's 73. But afterward, someone lodged a complaint with the USGA that Sarazen, trying to be comforting and encouraging to Manero throughout the final round, crossed the line into giving advice, and Manero crossed the line into asking for advice. The USGA's tournament history states that officials met for an hour to consider the charge before dismissing it without penalty, keeping Manero as victor.

Manero's 282 total bettered the previous best in a U.S. Open — a record held by Chick Evans since 1916 — by four strokes, but was itself bettered the following year by Ralph Guldahl. Evans, by the way, finished tied 50th here, the final time he made the cut in a U.S. Open.

Walter Hagen tied for 33rd, the last time he played all four rounds of a U.S. Open. Hagen was disqualified in his only later appearance in this tournament, at the 1940 U.S. Open.

1936 U.S. Open Final Scores

Tony Manero 73-69-73-67—282
Harry Cooper 71-70-70-73—284
Clarence Clark 69-75-71-72—287
Macdonald Smith 73-73-72-70—288
Wiffy Cox 74-74-69-72—289
Ky Laffoon 71-74-70-74—289
Henry Picard 70-71-74-74—289
Ralph Guldahl 73-70-73-74—290
Paul Runyan 69-75-73-73—290
Denny Shute 72-69-73-77—291
Herman Barron 73-74-69-76—292
Tom Kerrigan 70-75-72-75—292
Ray Mangrum 69-71-76-76—292
a-Charles Kocsis 72-71-73-77—293
Frank Moore 70-74-75-74—293
Johnny Revolta 70-71-77-75—293
Jimmy Thomson 74-73-71-75—293
a-Billy Burke 72-76-72-74—294
Vic Ghezzi 70-70-73-81—294
Willie Goggin 73-73-72-76—294
Jug McSpaden 75-71-78-70—294
Tommy Armour 74-76-74-71—295
Johnny Farrell 75-75-70-75—295
Jerry Gianferante 74-73-71-77—295
a-Johnny Goodman 75-73-73-74—295
Felix Serafin 72-73-74-76—295
Horton Smith 75-75-72-73—295
Al Brosch 73-75-72-76—296
Zell Eaton 72-75-72-77—296
Dick Metz 74-73-73-76—296
a-Jack Munger 74-70-76-76—296
Gene Sarazen 75-72-75-74—296
Walter Hagen 74-72-73-78—297
Ted Longworth 71-74-74-78—297
Al Watrous 76-75-74-72—297
Mortie Dutra 75-75-75-73—298
Vincent Eldred 74-73-78-73—298
Dutch Harrison 74-75-76-73—298
Willie Klein 75-73-75-75—298
Jake Fassezke 72-79-74-74—299
John Kinder 75-74-77-73—299
Charles Lacey 74-74-77-74—299
Gunnar Nelson 74-76-74-75—299
Frank Walsh 74-74-73-78—299
Siesui Chin 76-71-78-75—300
Bruce Coltart 75-76-72-77—300
Olin Dutra 74-77-75-74—300
Clarence Doser 72-75-78-76—301
George Low Jr. 75-72-77-77—301
a-Chick Evans 77-74-77-74—302
Willie Hunter Jr. 73-75-77-77—302
Al Huske 77-74-76-75—302
Gene Kunes 73-77-75-77—302
Clarence Owen 76-75-75-76—302
Joe Ezar 75-75-73-80—303
Leslie Madison 70-75-81-77—303
Jack Toomer 74-74-78-77—303
a-Wilford Wehrle 74-77-74-78—303
Ralph Beach 74-76-78-76—304
Ed Dudley 76-75-78-75—304
a-Maurice McCarthy Jr. 76-75-74-79—304
Ted Turner 77-74-78-75—304
Johnny Bulla 71-78-75-81—305
Albert Alcroft 76-75-76-79—306
William Schuchart 78-73-81-74—306
Pat Circelli 74-77-80-76—307
Jack Isaacs 75-75-79-78—307
Charles Schneider 74-74-82-77—307
Craig Wood 71-80-78-78—307
a-Chris Brinke 75-73-85-76—309
Clarence Hackney 77-74-76-82—309
Len Gallett 73-77-79-81—310
a-Morton McCarthy 72-76-83-80—311
James Fogertey 76-74-79-83—312
Al Nelson 72-78-81-82—313
Raymond Schirmer 74-77-81-82—314

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