1937 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1937 U.S. Open was the 41st time the tournament was played. Sam Snead made his tournament debut and it took a record-low score by the winner to beat him.

Winner: Ralph Guldahl, 281

Where it was played: Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomington Hills, Michigan

Tournament dates: June 10-12, 1937

Leader after first round: Denny Shute and Sam Snead, 69

Leader after second round: Frank Walsh, Ralph Guldahl and Ed Dudley, 140

Leader after third round: Ed Dudley, 211

What Happened in the 1937 U.S. Open

Sam Snead played in his very first U.S. Open in 1937, and it was a memorable one for him: He finished second. That's a great debut, no question. And there were probably lots of golf fans in 1937, probably plenty of Snead's peers, perhaps even Snead himself, who figured Snead would win multiple U.S. Opens over the course of his career.

As it turned out, Snead did have an extraordinary career as a professional golfer, and won seven other majors, but second place was his high-water mark in the U.S. Open. Snead was runner-up in this tournament four times, but never won it — the only one of the majors he failed to win in his long and illustrious career.

Who was the winner of this U.S. Open? Ralph Guldahl, who was in the midst of his own (brief) period of exceptionalism. Guldahl won the Western Open (considered by many at the time second only to the U.S. Open in stature) in 1936, 1937 and 1938; was runner-up at The Masters in 1937 and 1938 and won the 1939 Masters; and won the U.S. Open in 1937 and 1938.

Snead and Guldahl were tied for second place entering the final round, one stroke behind Ed Dudley. Dudley wasn't on top of his game in Round 4, however, shooting 76. Guldahl carded a 69 to Snead's 71 to win by two.

Snead birdied his last hole to post 283. Guldahl made a 65-foot eagle putt on the eighth hole and had birdies on Nos. 9, 12 and 13. He parred out the final five holes to come in at 281. That was a new U.S. Open scoring record, lowering the 282 recorded the previous year by Tony Manero. Guldahl's 281 stood as the record until 1948.

Three amateurs — Johnny Goodman, Frank Strafaci and Chuck Kocsis — finished in the Top 10, something that had never happened before and hasn't happened since in a U.S. Open. Goodman won the 1933 U.S. Open, the last amateur to do so. But this was the last time Goodman made the cut in a U.S. Open.

Snead wasn't the only future star making his U.S. Open debut in 1937. Jimmy Demaret, who later won The Masters three times, played his first U.S. Open and here and tied for 16th.

This was the final U.S. Open played before the USGA implemented the 14-club limit in the golf rules. Guldahl carried 19 clubs during the tournament.

The golf course — the South Course at Oakland Hills Country Club — played 7,037 yards for the 1937 U.S. Open. It was the first U.S. Open course to top 7,000 yards in length.

1937 U.S. Open Final Scores

Ralph Guldahl 71-69-72-69—281
Sam Snead 69-73-70-71—283
Bobby Cruickshank 73-73-67-72—285
Harry Cooper 72-70-73-71—286
Ed Dudley 70-70-71-76—287
Al Brosch 74-73-68-73—288
Clarence Clark 72-75-73-69—289
a-Johnny Goodman 70-73-72-75—290
a-Frank Strafaci 70-72-77-72—291
a-Charles Kocsis 72-73-76-71—292
Henry Picard 71-75-72-74—292
Gene Sarazen 78-69-71-74—292
Denny Shute 69-76-75-72—292
Ray Mangrum 75-75-71-72—293
Paul Runyan 76-72-73-72—293
Billy Burke 75-73-71-75—294
Jimmy Demaret 72-74-76-72—294
Sam Parks Jr. 74-74-72-74—294
Pat Sawyer 72-70-75-77—294
Vic Ghezzi 72-71-78-74—295
Jimmy Hines 75-72-76-72—295
Ky Laffoon 74-74-74-73—295
Jug McSpaden 74-75-73-73—295
Fred Morrison 71-76-74-74—295
Byron Nelson 73-78-71-73—295
Bob Stupple 73-73-73-76—295
Frank Walsh 70-70-78-77—295
Leo Mallory 73-74-76-73—296
Toney Penna 76-74-75-71—296
Johnny Revolta 75-73-75-73—296
Jimmy Thomson 74-66-78-78—296
Dutch Harrison 74-71-74-78—297
a-Edwin Kingsley 72-76-75-74—297
Mike Turnesa 71-74-76-76—297
Al Watrous 77-75-75-70—297
Horton Smith 74-74-75-75—298
Craig Wood 78-71-73-76—298
a-Bill Holt 70-79-78-72—299
Ralph Stonehouse 75-74-74-76—299
Johnny Farrell 74-75-75-76—300
Charles Lacey 73-75-72-80—300
Tony Manero 76-73-77-74—300
Felix Serafin 75-74-73-78—300
Macdonald Smith 79-73-73-75—300
Johnny Bulla 74-75-75-77—301
Wiffy Cox 74-74-75-78—301
Willie Macfarlane 73-78-75-76—302
Johnny Rogers 77-72-78-75—302
Marvin Stahl 72-77-78-75—302
a-Ted Bishop 74-78-74-77—303
Bob Crowley 79-73-76-75—303
Arthur Ham 77-75-76-75—303
Bill Mehlhorn 76-76-75-76—303
Jim Turnesa 73-78-77-75—303
Olin Dutra 76-76-77-75—304
James Johnston 75-76-81-72—304
Ted Longworth 72-76-77-79—304
John Beadle 74-77-77-78—306
Orville White 77-75-80-74—306
Waldo Crowder 77-74-76-80—307
Ted Luther 75-77-80-75—307
Frank Moore 77-73-79-78—307
John Malutic 74-78-80-77—309
Ole Clark 74-77-82-80—313

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