1933 U.S. Open Winner and Scores

The 1933 U.S. Open was the 37th time the tournament was played, but it was the last time it was won by an amateur. Johnny Goodman was that amateur, and he won by a single stroke.

Winner: Johnny Goodman, 287

Where it was played: North Shore Country Club in Glenview, Illinois

Tournament dates: June 8-10, 1933

Leader after first round: Tommy Armour, 68

Leader after second round: Johnny Goodman, 141

Leader after third round: Johnny Goodman, 211

What Happened in the 1933 U.S. Open

When was the last time an amateur golfer won the U.S. Open? Or any of golf's professional majors? It happened here, at the 1933 U.S. Open, when amateur Johnny Goodman held on to edge Ralph Guldahl by a stroke.

Goodman was winning important amateur championships going back to his 1927 victory in the Trans-Mississippi Amateur. He knocked off Bobby Jones in a second-round match at the 1929 U.S. Amateur Championship, and won the Trans-Mississippi again again in 1931. In 1932 he was runner-up at the U.S. Amateur.

He finally won the U.S. Amateur in 1937, four years after winning this U.S. Open (so, like Francis Ouimet, Goodman won the Open prior to winning the Amateur). Goodman had one other Top 10 finish in this tournament, placing eighth in the 1937 U.S. Open.

Goodman jumped into the picture when he posted a 66 in the second round, a score that tied the then-tournament record. After a third-round 70, Goodman had a 6-stroke lead over Guldahl.

In the final round, Goodman started hot with an eagle on the second hole and a birdie on the third. But after a double-bogey on the sixth, Goodman reeled off bogeys on holes 7 through 9. Most of his lead disappeared and Goodman finished with a 76.

But when Guldahl missed a short birdie putt on his final hole, Goodman was the winner. Guldahl mostly dropped off the tour for several years afterward, but later returned and won three majors, including the U.S. Opens in 1937-38.

The closest any amateur has come since to winning the U.S. Open was Jack Nicklaus' tie for second at the 1960 U.S. Open.

Brothers Mortie Dutra and Olin Dutra finished sixth and seventh, respectively, in the 1933 U.S. Open. Olin Dutra won the tournament a year later. Cyril Walker, winner of the 1924 U.S. Open, missed the cut this year in his final appearance in this major.

1933 U.S. Open Final Scores

a-Johnny Goodman 75-66-70-76—287
Ralph Guldahl 76-71-70-71—288
Craig Wood 73-74-71-72—290
Tommy Armour 68-75-76-73—292
Walter Hagen 73-76-77-66—292
Mortie Dutra 75-73-72-74—294
Olin Dutra 75-71-75-74—295
a-Gus Moreland 76-76-71-72—295
Clarence Clark 80-72-72-72—296
Johnny Farrell 75-77-72-72—296
Willie Goggin 79-73-73-71—296
Joe Kirkwood Sr. 74-70-79-73—296
Herman Barron 77-77-74-69—297
Al Watrous 74-76-77-70—297
Henry Ciuci 73-79-74-72—298
Johnny Revolta 73-76-75-74—298
a-George Dawson 78-74-71-76—299
Leo Diegel 78-71-75-75—299
a-Lester Bolstad 76-74-73-77—300
Macdonald Smith 77-72-77-74—300
Johnny Golden 79-76-74-72—301
Archie Hambrick 81-71-75-74—301
Denny Shute 76-77-72-76—301
Abe Espinosa 76-73-78-75—302
Horton Smith 75-76-76-75—302
Bob Crowley 75-75-81-72—303
Ky Laffoon 74-78-79-72—303
Gene Sarazen 74-77-77-75—303
Harry Cooper 78-76-75-75—304
Tony Manero 79-73-77-75—304
Bill Schwartz 75-81-72-76—304
Frank Walsh 79-73-72-80—304
Billy Burke 79-73-76-77—305
Henry Kaiser 81-71-74-79—305
Willie Klein 77-78-72-78—305
Walter Kozak 76-77-76-76—305
Philip Perkins 76-72-81-76—305
Johnny Rogers 80-74-76-75—305
Bob Shave 77-74-79-75—305
Joe Belfore 75-76-78-77—306
Tom Creavy 74-76-80-76—306
Francis Gallett 77-75-77-77—306
Bobby Cruickshank 75-76-79-78—308
a-John Fischer 75-80-74-79—308
Charles Lacey 77-79-75-77—308
John Kinder 79-77-74-79—309
Charles MacAndrew 78-77-79-75—309
George Smith 81-75-74-79—309
Joe Turnesa 79-73-80-77—309
James Johnston 76-77-81-76—310
Neil White 73-80-79-78—310
a-Pat Sawyer 79-75-80-77—311
Ray Schwartz 77-79-76-79—311
Leslie Madison 76-78-77-81—312
Charlie Manning 76-76-82-78—312
Bill Neilan 76-77-81-78—312
Harry Hampton 79-76-76-82—313
a-Don Armstrong 75-77-86-76—314
Tom Carney 78-77-78-82—315
Thomas Harmon 76-79-82-79—316
Bob MacDonald 80-75-81-80—316
Ralph Beach 75-79-76-87—317
Emil Loeffler Jr. 80-76-82-84—322
a-Wilford Wehrle 79-77-81-85—322
Bob Randall 81-75-83-87—326

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