1934 U.S. Open Tournament Results

The 1934 U.S. Open was the 38th time the tournament was played. A debilitating illness didn't get in the way of the winner.

Winner: Olin Dutra, 293

Where it was played: Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: June 7-9, 1934

Leader after first round: Charles Lacey, Bobby Cruickshank and Wiffy Cox, 71

Leader after second round: Bobby Cruickshank, 142

Leader after third round: Gene Sarazen, 218

Notable Notes: Olin Dutra overcame more than week of illness, not to mention Gene Sarazen, to win the second of his two major totals. Dutra was eight shots behind after two rounds, and trailed third-round leader Gene Sarazen by three. But Dutra shot 72 in the final round to Sarazen's 76, winning by one shot. Dutra was sick for more than week prior to the tournament with some kind of stomach virus, and reportedly lost 15 pounds. He played on despite that, and never regretted the decision to play. ... In the final round, PGA Championship winner Tom Creavy tied the tournament's then-record for 18 holes with a 66, the only round under 70 shot the whole tournament.

Final Scores

Olin Dutra 76-74-71-72—293
Gene Sarazen 73-72-73-76—294
Harry Cooper 76-74-74-71—295
Wiffy Cox 71-75-74-75—295
Bobby Cruickshank 71-71-77-76—295
Billy Burke 76-71-77-72—296
Macdonald Smith 75-73-78-70—296
Tom Creavy 79-76-78-66—299
Ralph Guldahl 78-73-70-78—299
Jimmy Hines 80-70-77-72—299
Johnny Revolta 76-73-77-73—299
Joe Kirkwood Sr. 75-73-78-74—300
Ted Luther 78-71-78-73—300
Willie Hunter Jr. 75-74-80-72—301
Alvin Krueger 76-75-75-75—301
a-Mark Fry 79-75-74-74—302
Henry Ciuci 74-74-79-76—303
Leo Diegel 76-71-78-78—303
Johnny Golden 75-76-74-78—303
Horton Smith 74-73-79-77—303
Al Espinosa 76-74-76-78—304
Philip Perkins 78-74-79-73—304
Herman Barron 79-72-76-78—305
Ky Laffoon 76-73-80-76—305
a-Lawson Little 83-72-76-75—306
Eddie Loos 76-75-78-77—306
Orville White 76-79-76-75—306
a-Rodney Bliss Jr. 74-73-82-78—307
Mortie Dutra 74-77-79-77—307
a-Zell Eaton 76-73-78-80—307
Paul Runyan 74-78-79-76—307
George Schnieter 76-76-79-76—307
Bill Schwartz 81-74-73-79—307
George Von Elm 74-76-80-77—307
Jack Forrester 78-72-80-78—308
Jim Foulis 79-76-82-71—308
Ed Dudley 76-78-83-72—309
Charles Lacey 71-78-81-79—309
Bill Mehlhorn 78-77-77-77—309
Sam Parks Jr. 76-76-76-81—309
Frank Walsh 78-74-78-80—310
a-Jack Westland 77-76-81-76—310
a-Johnny Goodman 76-77-83-75—311
Reggie Myles Jr. 80-75-84-72—311
Denny Shute 78-73-81-79—311
Jimmy Thomson 74-75-78-84—311
Willie Goggin 74-80-80-79—313
Henry Picard 79-75-80-79—313
Al Watrous 77-78-82-76—313
Julius Ackerbloom 80-74-79-81—314
Tommy Armour 82-72-79-81—314
Clarence Ehresman 76-77-79-82—314
Gunnar Johnson 76-79-80-79—314
a-Charlie Yates 75-77-81-81—314
a-Chris Brinke 77-74-88-77—316
Toney Penna 76-76-81-83—316
a-Gus Moreland 77-76-85-79—317
Johnny Farrell 75-79-83-81—318
Walter Hagen 76-79-83-80—318
a-George Dawson 75-79-82-83—319
John Schuebel 78-77-80-84—319
a-Rudolph Knepper 82-73-85-82—322

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