1948 British Open: Third Win for Cotton

The 1948 British Open was the 77th time the tournament was played, and it was the third time it was won by this year's champion.

Winner: Henry Cotton, 288

Where it was played: Muirfield and Gullane, Scotland

Tournament dates: June 30-July 2, 1948

Leader after first round: Sam King, Flory Van Donck and Charlie Ward, 69

Leader after second round: Henry Cotton, 137

Leader after third round: Henry Cotton, 212

Notable Notes: Henry Cotton won his third and final British Open title. He took the lead after a 66 in the second round, and didn't give it up. Cotton eventually won by five shots over defending champion Fred Daly.

Final Scores

Henry Cotton 71-66-75-72—284
Fred Daly 72-71-73-73—289
Roberto De Vicenzo 70-73-72-75—290
Jack Hargreaves 76-68-73-73—290
Norman Von Nida 71-72-76-71—290
Charlie Ward 69-72-75-74—290
Johnny Bulla 74-72-73-72—291
Sam King 69-72-74-76—291
Alf Padgham 73-70-71-77—291
Flory Van Donck 69-73-73-76—291
a-Mario Gonzalez 76-72-70-75—293
a-Edwin Kingsley 77-69-77-70—293
Arthur Lees 73-69-73-78—293
Alan Waters 75-71-70-77—293
Max Faulkner 75-71-74-74—294
Dai Rees 73-71-76-74—294
Eddie Whitcombe 74-73-73-74—294
Dick Burton 74-70-74-77—295
Frank Jowle 70-78-74-73—295
Reg Whitcombe 77-67-77-74—295
Ken Bousfield 76-71-73-76—296
John Fallon 73-74-74-75—296
Tom Haliburton 73-74-76-74—297
Alf Perry 77-71-76-73—297
a-Frank Stranahan 77-71-75-74—297
Norman Sutton 72-73-77-75—297
Claude Harmon Sr. 75-73-78-72—298
John Hayes 74-73-75-78—300
Reg Horne 71-77-73-79—300
Arthur Clark 74-71-75-81—301
Harold Gould 75-73-78-75—301
William Collins Jr. 77-69-77-79—302
Bobby Cruickshank 74-74-77-77—302
Lawson Little 72-76-76-78—302
Charles Whitcombe 74-72-75-81—302
Walter Lyle 72-75-80-80—307

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