1950 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1950 British Open was the 79th time the tournament was played. The defending champion won it again.

Winner: Bobby Locke, 279

Where it was played: Royal Troon Golf Club in South Ayrshire, Scotland

Tournament dates: July 5-7, 1950

Leader after first round: Arthur Lees, 68

Leader after second round: Dai Rees, 139

Leader after third round: Bobby Locke, Roberto De Vicenzo and Dai Rees, 211

Notable Notes: Bobby Locke trailed by two strokes at the halfway mark, and moved into a tie for the lead following three rounds. And in the final round, he made his move with a 68, winning by two shots over Roberto De Vicenzo. It was Locke's second Open Championship win.

Final Scores

Bobby Locke 69-72-70-68—279
Roberto De Vicenzo 73-71-68-70—282
Fred Daly 75-72-69-66—282
Dai Rees 71-68-72-71—282
Max Faulkner 72-70-70-71—283
Eric Moore 74-68-73-68—283
Fred Bullock 71-71-71-71—284
Arthur Lees 68-76-68-72—284
Sam King 70-75-68-73—286
a-Frank Stranahan 77-70-73-66—286
Flory Van Donck 73-71-72-70—286
Jimmy Adams 73-75-69-70—287
Wally Smithers 74-70-73-70—287
Johnny Bulla 73-70-71-74—288
Hector Thomson 71-72-73-72—288
Harry Bradshaw 73-71-75-70—289
a-James McHale 73-73-74-70—290
Reg Horne 73-75-71-71—290
Ernest Whitcombe 69-76-72-73—290
Alf Padgham 77-71-74-69—291
John Panton 76-69-70-76—291
Norman Von Nida 74-72-76-69—291
Eric Brown 73-73-73-73—292
Trevor Allen 77-70-75-71—293
Bill Branch 71-69-78-75—293
Stewart Field 73-71-73-76—293
Norman Sutton 71-75-74-73—293
Bill White 74-74-73-72—293
Fred Allott 72-71-77-74—294
a-David Blair 72-72-77-74—295
Hassan Hassanein 73-72-77-73—295
Syd Scott 75-71-75-75—296
Joseph Carroll 73-72-74-79—298
Alf Perry 73-74-76-75—298
a-James Wilson 72-76-79-72—299

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