1951 British Open Golf Tournament

The 1951 British Open was the 80th time the tournament was played, and a British golfer was the champion.

Winner: Max Faulkner, 285

Where it was played: Royal Portrush Golf Club in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Tournament dates: July 4-6, 1951

Leader after first round: Jimmy Adams, 68

Leader after second round: Max Faulkner, 141

Leader after third round: Max Faulkner, 211

Notable Notes: This British Open was the first (and so far only) one played in Northern Ireland. An Englishman won it, Max Faulkner going wire-to-wire in a 2-stroke victory over Argentine Antonio Cerda. And Australians Peter Thomson and Kel Nagle — both future winners, Thomson five times — played in their first Opens.

Final Scores

Max Faulkner 71-70-70-74—285
Antonio Cerda 74-72-71-70—287
Charlie Ward 75-73-74-68—290
Jimmy Adams 68-77-75-72—292
Fred Daly 74-70-75-73—292
Bobby Locke 71-74-74-74—293
Bill Shankland 73-76-72-72—293
Norman Sutton 73-70-74-76—293
Peter Thomson 70-75-73-75—293
Harry Weetman 73-71-75-74—293
John Panton 73-72-74-75—294
Dick Burton 74-77-71-73—295
Dai Rees 70-77-76-72—295
a-Frank Stranahan 75-75-72-73—295
Harry Bradshaw 80-71-74-71—296
Eric Cremin 73-75-75-74—297
a-Kep Enderby 76-74-75-73—298
Alan Waters 74-75-78-71—298
Ugo Grappasonni 73-73-77-76—299
Jack Hargreaves 73-78-79-69—299
William John Henderson 77-73-76-73—299
Kel Nagle 76-76-72-75—299
Christy O'Connor Sr. 79-74-72-74—299
a-Joe Carr 75-76-73-76—300
Pulvio Traviani 74-79-73-74—300
Flory Van Donck 72-76-76-76—300
Ernest Whitcombe 74-74-76-76—300
John McKenna 74-76-76-76—302
Alan Poulton 77-77-73-75—302
Wally Smithers 75-73-76-78—302
a-Cecil Beamish 76-78-73-76—303
Arthur Lees 75-74-76-78—303
G. Norman Roffe 78-76-78-71—303
Charles Rotar 76-76-76-75—303
William Hancock 78-74-72-80—304
Sam King 78-76-77-73—304
Fred Allott 74-79-77-75—305
John Fallon 78-73-80-74—305
John A. Jacobs 76-77-77-75—305
Eric Brown 74-77-83-72—306
Bobby Halsall 80-74-77-75—306
Arthur Lacey 75-76-79-76—306
Gregor McIntosh 76-71-80-79—306
Hassan Hassanein 79-73-74-81—307
Christie Kane 75-76-81-77—309

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