1952 British Open Golf Tournament Results

The 1952 British Open was the 81st time the tournament was played.

Winner: Bobby Locke, 287

Where it was played: Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club in Lytham St. Annes, England

Tournament dates: July 9-11, 1952

Leader after first round: Fred Daly, 67

Leader after second round: Fred Daly, 136

Leader after third round: Fred Daly, 213

Notable Notes: Fred Daly led the first two rounds, but his tournament really turned at the halfway point. In the third round — even though he maintained his lead — he shot 77. Daly followed that with a final-round 76 to fall to third place. Taking advantage of Daly's troubles was Bobby Locke, he was four behind Daly after 36 holes. But Locke shot 74-73 on the tough final day, winning by one shot over Peter Thomson.

Final Scores

Bobby Locke 69-71-74-73—287
Peter Thomson 68-73-77-70—288
Fred Daly 67-69-77-76—289
Henry Cotton 75-74-74-71—294
Antonio Cerda 73-73-76-73—295
Sam King 71-74-74-76—295
Flory Van Donck 74-75-71-76—296
Fred Bullock 76-72-72-77—297
Harry Bradshaw 70-74-75-79—298
Eric Brown 71-72-78-77—298
Willie Goggin 71-74-75-78—298
Arthur Lees 76-72-76-74—298
Syd Scott 75-69-76-78—298
Norman Von Nida 77-70-74-77—298
John Panton 72-72-78-77—299
Harry Weetman 74-77-71-77—299
Max Faulkner 72-76-79-73—300
Gene Sarazen 74-73-77-76—300
Wally Smithers 73-74-76-77—300
Norman Sutton 72-74-79-76—301
Fred Allott 77-71-76-78—302
Ken Bousfield 72-73-79-78—302
Jimmy Hine 73-78-74-77—302
Eddie Noke 72-78-76-76—302
John A. Jacobs 74-72-81-76—303
Alan Poulton 71-74-76-82—303
Jack Hargreaves 75-75-79-75—304
John R.M. Jacobs 72-76-79-77—304
a-John Jones 73-70-78-83—304
Dai Rees 76-74-77-77—304
Peter Alliss 72-72-80-81—305
Reg Horne 77-74-80-74—305
a-Dixon Rawlinson 74-73-79-80—306
a-Alex Kyle 71-75-80-81—307
a-Henri De Lamaze 73-72-80-83—308
Bobby Halsall 74-75-78-81—308
Tom Haliburton 75-76-80-78—309
John Hawkins 76-72-82-79—309
George Johnson 73-75-78-83—309
a-Frank Stranahan 75-76-78-80—309
Hector Thomson 73-77-80-79—309
Hal Young 70-77-77-85—309
George Knight 74-75-80-82—311
Robert French 72-78-79-83—312
a-Frank Morrell 75-74-86-79—314
Bernard Hunt 75-75-82-83—315

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