1953 British Open: Hogan's Alley

The 1953 British Open was the 82nd time the tournament was played, and the champion this year won it in the only year he played it.

Winner: Ben Hogan, 282

Where it was played: Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus, Scotland

Tournament dates: July 8-10, 1953

Leader after first round: Frank Stranahan, 70

Leader after second round: Eric Brown and Dai Rees, 142

Leader after third round: Roberto De Vicenzo and Ben Hogan, 214

Notable Notes: Ben Hogan played the British Open only once — this year — and he made it count, winning by four strokes. It was Hogan's third win in three major championship appearances in 1953 (he didn't play the PGA Championship). Hogan was tied for fourth place at the midway point, moved into a tie for the lead (with future Open champion Roberto De Vicenzo) after three rounds, and shot 68 in the final round to win by four. Among the quartet of runners-up was amateur Frank Stranahan, along with Antonio Cerda who was in the midst of a streak of five consecutive Top 5 finishes.

Final Scores

Ben Hogan 73-71-70-68—282
Antonio Cerda 75-71-69-71—286
Dai Rees 72-70-73-71—286
a-Frank Stranahan 70-74-73-69—286
Peter Thomson 72-72-71-71—286
Roberto De Vicenzo 72-71-71-73—287
Sam King 74-73-72-71—290
Bobby Locke 72-73-74-72—291
Peter Alliss 75-72-74-71—292
Eric Brown 71-71-75-75—292
Fred Daly 73-75-71-75—294
Max Faulkner 74-71-73-77—295
Arthur Lees 76-76-72-72—296
T.H.T. Fairbairn 74-71-73-79—297
John Jacobs 79-74-71-73—297
Harry Weetman 80-73-72-72—297
Hassan Hassanein 78-71-73-76—298
Eric Lester 83-70-72-73—298
Charlie Ward 78-71-76-73—298
Reg Horne 76-74-75-74—299
Flory Van Donck 77-71-78-73—299
Syd Scott 74-74-78-74—300
Hector Thomson 76-74-74-76—300
Reg Knight 74-79-74-74—301
Lloyd Mangrum 75-76-74-76—301
Christy O'Connor Sr. 77-77-72-75—301
Ugo Grappasonni 77-75-72-78—302
John Panton 79-74-76-73—302
Robert Ferguson 77-75-74-77—303
Tom Haliburton 75-76-76-76—303
Alan Poulton 75-77-75-76—303
Norman Sutton 76-72-76-79—303
Jack Hargreaves 81-73-76-74—304
Hamish Ballingall 80-74-77-74—305
Ken Bousfield 78-76-79-72—305
Bernard Hunt 79-74-77-75—305
Ernest Whitcombe 76-78-73-78—305
Robert French 79-71-77-79—306
Ralph Mills 80-73-72-81—306
Jean-Baptiste Ado 75-77-75-81—308
Bill Shankland 78-76-78-79—311
George Knight 75-78-81-78—312
J.R. Moses 81-73-76-82—312
Lambert Topping 77-73-81-81—312
William John Henderson 78-74-80-81—313
Geoffrey Hunt 74-74-79-86—313
Dick Burton 80-74-80-80—314
Gregor McIntosh 78-75-80-81—314
John Burton 75-77-87-78—317

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