1954 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1954 British Open was the 83rd time the tournament was played. The champion here eventually won the tournament five times total.

Winner: Peter Thomson, 283

Where it was played: Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England

Tournament dates: July 7-9, 1954

Leader after first round: Sam King and Bill Spence, 69

Leader after second round: Bill Spence, 141

Leader after third round: Peter Thomson, Dai Rees and Syd Scott, 212

Notable Notes: The British Open was played at Royal Birkdale for the first time, and the course provided a stern scoring test. Peter Thomson passed that test with rounds of 69 and 71 on the final day, winning by one shot over Bobby Locke, Dai Rees and Syd Scott. It was the first major championship win for the Australian Thomson, who finished his career with five British Open victories.

Final Scores

Peter Thomson 72-71-69-71—283
Bobby Locke 74-71-69-70—284
Dai Rees 72-71-69-72—284
Syd Scott 76-67-69-72—284
Jimmy Adams 73-75-69-69—286
Antonio Cerda 71-71-73-71—286
Jim Turnesa 72-72-71-71—286
Peter Alliss 72-74-71-70—287
Sam King 69-74-74-70—287
Jimmy Demaret 73-71-74-71—289
Flory Van Donck 77-71-70-71—289
Alfonso Angelini 76-70-73-71—290
Harry Bradshaw 72-72-73-73—290
Bill Spence 69-72-74-75—290
Bobby Halsall 72-73-73-73—291
a-Peter Toogood 72-75-73-71—291
Ugo Grappasonni 72-75-74-71—292
Christie Kane 74-72-74-72—292
Gene Sarazen 75-74-73-70—292
Norman Drew 76-71-74-72—293
Max Faulkner 73-78-69-73—293
Jack Hargreaves 77-72-77-67—293
John Jacobs 71-73-80-69—293
Eric Lester 72-75-73-73—293
Christy O'Connor Sr. 74-72-72-75—293
Lambert Topping 75-76-69-73—293
Norman Sutton 70-80-72-72—294
E.B. Williamson 76-73-75-70—294
Jimmy Hitchcock 73-72-76-74—295
Ben Shelton 74-77-71-73—295
a-Frank Stranahan 73-75-71-76—295
Jean Garaialde 76-73-72-75—296
Ralph Mills 73-76-70-77—296
T. Travena 75-74-75-72—296
Bill Branch 73-78-71-75—297
Fred Daly 74-72-74-77—297
Norman Von Nida 76-74-74-73—297
Jean-Baptiste Ado 72-78-76-72—298
Enrique Bertolino 74-76-74-74—298
Aldo Casera 75-73-72-78—298
Bill Shankland 72-72-79-76—299
William John Henderson 74-72-76-78—300
Al Watrous 76-72-74-78—300
Cecil Denny 74-77-79-71—301
Robert French 75-75-77-75—302
George Howard 71-77-74-80—302
Fred Bullock 72-77-77-78—304
Frank Jowle 80-70-79-75—304
Robert Mandeville 74-73-78-79—304
Hector Thomson 76-75-74-79—304

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