1956 British Open: Three In a Row for Thomson

The 1956 British Open was the 85th time the tournament was played. The champion made it three wins in a row.

Winner: Peter Thomson, 286

Where it was played: Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England

Tournament dates: July 4-6, 1956

Leader after first round: Dennis Smalldon, 68

Leader after second round: Peter Thomson, 140

Leader after third round: Peter Thomson, 212

Notable Notes: Peter Thomson shot 140 over his opening two rounds, taking the lead, and he didn't give it up on the 36-hole final day. Thomson won for the third consecutive year, and is the only golfer in the 20th century to do that at the Open.

Final Scores

Peter Thomson 70-70-72-74—286
Flory Van Donck 71-74-70-74—289
Roberto De Vicenzo 71-70-79-70—290
Gary Player 71-76-73-71—291
John Panton 74-76-72-70—292
Enrique Bertolino 69-72-76-76—293
Henry Cotton 72-76-71-74—293
Antonio Cerda 72-81-68-73—294
Mike Souchak 74-74-74-72—294
Christy O'Connor Sr. 73-78-74-70—295
Harry Weetman 72-76-75-72—295
a-Frank Stranahan 72-76-72-76—296
Bruce Crampton 76-77-72-72—297
Miguel Angel Martin 71-74-75-77—297
Dai Rees 75-74-75-73—297
John Jacobs 73-77-76-72—298
Al Balding 70-81-76-73—300
Jack Hargreaves 72-80-75-73—300
Ricardo Rossi 75-77-72-76—300
David Thomas 70-78-77-75—300
Charlie Ward 73-75-78-74—300
Ken Bousfield 73-77-76-75—301
Gerry De Wit 76-73-74-78—301
Ted Lester 70-76-77-78—301
Jimmy Adams 75-76-76-75—302
Laurie Ayton Jr. 74-78-78-72—302
Eric Moore 75-75-78-74—302
Ken Adwick 77-76-74-76—303
Syd Scott 78-74-74-77—303
Dennis Smalldon 68-79-78-78—303
Alfonso Angelini 73-80-76-75—304
Bernard Hunt 75-73-81-75—304
Ching-Po Chen 78-74-77-76—305
Marion Gonzalez 72-81-75-77—305
Roberto Salas 79-72-78-76—305
a-Joe Carr 73-77-79-77—306
Christy Greene 76-75-79-76—306
Michio Ishii 74-77-77-78—306
James Martin 74-79-78-75—306
Carlos Celles 71-82-78-76—307
Sebastian Miguel 72-78-84-73—307
Bill Shankland 72-78-79-78—307
Harry Bradshaw 76-76-81-75—308
T.H.T. Fairbairn 80-73-81-74—308
Frank Miller 72-78-78-80—308
Tevor Wilkes 74-78-85-75—312
Jack Wilkshire 77-74-85-77—313

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