1958 U.S. Open Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1958 U.S. Open was the 58th time the tournament was played. The champion was a golfer whose nickname was "Terrible Tommy."

Winner: Tommy Bolt, 283

Where it was played: Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tournament dates: June 12-14, 1958

Leader after first round: Dick Metz, Julius Boros and Tommy Bolt, 71

Leader after second round: Tommy Bolt, 142

Leader after third round: Tommy Bolt, 211

Notable Notes: Tommy Bolt shared the first-round lead, then led outright after each of the next three rounds. His final margin of victory was four strokes over Gary Player, who was playing in his first U.S. Open. It was the only win in a major for Bolt's career.

Final Scores

Tommy Bolt 71-71-69-72—283
Gary Player 75-68-73-71—287
Julius Boros 71-75-72-71—289
Gene Littler 74-73-67-76—290
Walter Burkemo 75-74-70-72—291
Bob Rosburg 75-74-72-70—291
Jay Hebert 77-76-71-69—293
Don January 79-73-68-73—293
Dick Metz 71-78-73-71—293
Ben Hogan 75-73-75-71—294
Tommy Jacobs 76-75-71-72—294
Frank Stranahan 72-72-75-75—294
Billy Casper 79-70-75-71—295
a-Charlie Coe 75-71-75-74—295
Marty Furgol 75-74-74-72—295
Bob Goetz 75-75-77-69—296
Tom Nieporte 75-73-74-75—297
a-Jerry Pittman 75-77-71-74—297
Jerry Barber 79-73-73-73—298
Bruce Crampton 73-75-74-76—298
Jim Ferree 76-74-73-75—298
Jerry Magee 76-77-75-70—298
Dutch Harrison 76-76-73-74—299
Dick Mayer 76-74-71-78—299
Arnold Palmer 75-75-77-72—299
Earl Stewart Jr. 75-74-77-73—299
Stan Dudas 76-73-76-75—300
Don Fairfield 78-75-72-75—300
Mike Fetchick 78-76-73-73—300
Labron Harris Jr. 74-72-77-77—300
Billy Maxwell 78-76-76-70—300
Cary Middlecoff 75-79-75-71—300
Bo Wininger 78-74-74-74—300
Doug Ford 78-75-73-75—301
Ken Venturi 79-73-75-75—302
Buck White 76-77-71-78—302
Paul Harney 77-77-72-77—303
Lloyd Mangrum 72-78-75-78—303
Bud Ward 78-76-74-75—303
a-Harvie Ward 74-80-79-70—303
a-Jack Nicklaus 79-75-73-77—304
Sam Penecale 77-77-76-74—304
Joe Campbell 77-74-76-79—306
Bob Crowley 78-76-75-77—306
Joe Jimenez 76-76-80-75—307
Lew Worsham 77-72-77-81—307
Babe Lichardus 76-76-73-83—308
Mike Pavella 75-79-79-75—308
Pat Schwab 75-75-79-80—309
Herman Barron 78-76-79-77—310
Ted Gwin 76-78-81-75—310
Chick Harbert 75-78-78-80—311
a-Bobby Nichols 79-75-84-73—311

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