1957 U.S. Open Settled In Playoff

The 1957 U.S. Open was the 57th time the tournament was played, and it required an 18-hole playoff to settle the winner.

Winner: Dick Mayer, 282

Where it was played: Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio

Tournament dates: June 13-16, 1957

Leader after first round: Jimmy Demaret and Chick Harbert, 68

Leader after second round: Billy Joe Patton, 138

Leader after third round: Jimmy Demaret, 211

Notable Notes: Dick Mayer and Cary Middlecoff passed by Jimmy Demaret in the final round, tying each other at 282 and forcing an 18-hole playoff. In the playoff, Mayer took a 1-stroke lead on the fifth hole and added another stroke to his lead over each of the next three holes. Middlecoff never challenged, shooting 79 to Mayer's 72. Jack Nicklaus, age 17, played in his first U.S. Open here, missing the cut.

Final Scores

Dick Mayer 70-68-74-70—282
Cary Middlecoff 71-75-68-68—282
Jimmy Demaret 68-73-70-72—283
Julius Boros 69-75-70-70—284
Walter Burkemo 74-73-72-65—284
Fred Hawkins 72-72-71-71—286
Ken Venturi 69-71-75-71—286
Roberto De Vicenzo 72-70-72-76—290
Chick Harbert 68-79-71-72—290
Billy Maxwell 70-76-72-72—290
a-Billy Joe Patton 70-68-76-76—290
Sam Snead 74-74-69-73—290
Mike Fetchick 74-71-71-75—291
Dow Finsterwald 74-72-72-73—291
a-William Hyndman 77-73-72-69—291
Frank Stanahan 72-76-69-74—291
Don Fairfield 78-72-73-69—292
Jim Ferree 74-74-73-71—292
Doug Ford 69-71-80-72—292
Bud Ward 70-74-70-78—292
Bo Wininger 70-71-76-76—293
George Bayer 73-77-69-75—294
a-Joe Campbell 74-72-73-75—294
Ed "Porky" Oliver 74-73-73-74—294
Peter Thomson 71-72-74-77—294
Jack Fleck 72-76-73-74—295
Gerald Kesselring 74-71-75-75—295
Sam Penecale 71-73-73-78—295
a-Harvie Ward 72-75-74-74—295
Leo Biagetti 73-75-72-76—296
Johnny Revolta 76-74-74-72—296
a-Charles Kocsis 76-74-74-73—297
Stan Leonard 71-76-73-77—297
Gene Littler 73-76-73-75—297
Jerry Barber 75-73-73-77—298
Otto Greiner 76-74-75-73—298
Fred Haas 72-73-77-76—298
Furman Hayes 74-75-70-80—299
Babe Lichardus 72-76-74-77—299
Lew Worsham 78-72-76-73—299
Johnny Pott 74-75-74-77—300
Donald Whitt 71-77-78-75—301
Al Brosch 72-76-72-82—302
Clarence Doser 72-78-76-76—302
Bob Gadja 75-75-78-75—303
Howie Johnson 72-77-77-77—303
Al Mengert 77-73-71-82—303
Leland Gibson 75-75-76-78—304
Stan Mosel 74-75-77-78—304
a-E. Fred Brown 74-76-79-76—305
a-Rex Baxter 77-73-80-78—308
a-Gene Coulter 73-77-85-81—316

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