1972 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1972 PGA Championship was the 54th time the tournament was played. After bogeying the 14th and 15th holes in the final round, Gary Player recovered to birdie the 16th and went on to win by two strokes. It was his sixth win in a major championship, his second at the PGA Championship.

Winner: Gary Player, 281

Where it was played: Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course) in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Tournament dates: August 3-6, 1972

Leader after first round: Buddy Allin and Stan Thirsk, 68

Leader after second round: Jerry Heard, 139

Leader after third round: Gary Player, 209

What Happened at the 1972 PGA Championship

Gary Player was in the late stages of the final round of the 1972 PGA Championship, and he appeared to be in trouble. He bogeyed the 14th and 15th holes, and on the 16th tee pushed his drive well right into wet, thick rough.

Between Player and green were a large willow tree and a pond, and he could not see the flagstick. But Player struck his 9-iron beautifully, carried the ball over the tree and across the pond and to within four feet of the cup.

Then he made the birdie putt. Player went on to the two-stroke victory over runners-up Tommy Aaron and Jim Jamieson. Jamieson was a journeyman pro who won his only PGA Tour event earlier in the year at the Western Open. Aaron went on to win the 1973 Masters.

For Player, it was his second win in this major (he also won the 1962 PGA Championship), and it was his sixth career win in a major. Player won nine majors total for his career.

Sam Snead finished tied for fourth place at age 60. This tournament started a three-year streak in which Snead, at ages 60, 61 and 62, finished in the Top 10 at the PGA Championship.

Lanny Wadkins and Hubert Green, both future PGA champions, played the PGA for the first time in 1972. And they tied each other in 16th place.

Meanwhile, Gene Sarazen — winner of the 1922, 1923 and 1933 PGA Championships — entered the tournament for the final time. But at age 70, he withdrew without completing the first round. Denny Shute, the 1936 and 1937 champion, did the same thing.

1972 PGA Championship Final Scores

Gary Player 71-71-67-72—281
Tommy Aaron 71-71-70-71—283
Jim Jamieson 69-72-72-70—283
Raymond Floyd 69-71-74-70—284
Sam Snead 70-74-71-69—284
Billy Casper 73-70-67-74—284
Doug Sanders 72-72-68-73—285
Jerry Heard 69-70-72-74—285
Gay Brewer 71-70-70-74—285
Phil Rodgers 71-72-68-74—285
Lee Trevino 73-71-71-71—286
Hale Irwin 71-69-75-71—286
Dan Sikes Jr. 70-72-72-73—287
Jack Nicklaus 72-75-68-72—287
Charles Coody 71-73-70-74—288
Miller Barber 73-74-72-70—289
Arnold Palmer 69-75-72-73—289
Lanny Wadkins 74-68-72-75—289
Hubert Green 75-71-73-70—289
Bob Shaw 72-72-74-72—290
J.C. Snead 72-72-71-75—290
Johnny Miller 70-76-70-74—290
Larry Wise 74-71-67-78—290
Chi Chi Rodriguez 71-74-73-73—291
Art Wall Jr. 72-71-75-73—291
Bob E. Smith 72-69-76-74—291
Lee Elder 73-71-71-76—291
Bruce Crampton 73-74-68-76—291
Jerry McGee 73-74-72-73—292
Bert Yancey 72-74-71-75—292
Mike Souchak 73-73-71-75—292
Jim Wiechers 70-73-69-80—292
Dewitt Weaver 74-74-72-73—293
Lou Graham 75-75-70-73—293
Larry Hinson 75-74-73-71—293
Mason Rudolph 74-75-71-74—294
Deane Beman 75-72-72-75—294
Sam Carmichael 76-73-71-74—294
George Archer 73-73-79-69—294
Dave Stockton 74-73-74-74—295
Denny Lyons 73-73-74-75—295
Ken Still 72-75-72-76—295
Mike Hill 73-72-74-76—295
John Schlee 75-75-69-76—295
Dale Douglass 74-71-73-77—295
Paul Harney 74-71-77-73—295
Bob Murphy 75-70-70-80—295
Jimmy Wright 74-72-75-75—296
Babe Hiskey 73-75-72-76—296
Richard Crawford 70-78-73-75—296
Fred Haas Jr. 74-74-73-76—297
Rod Funseth 70-74-75-78—297
Grier Jones 72-76-74-76—298
Bud Allin 68-77-75-78—298
Jimmy Powell 72-74-74-78—298
Bob Rosburg 71-79-72-76—298
Frank Beard 80-70-72-76—298
Pat Schwab 73-73-77-76—299
Dow Finsterwald 75-75-72-77—299
Bob Charles 76-74-77-72—299
Ron Letellier 75-75-70-79—299
Wayne Yates 75-74-76-75—300
Jerry Steelsmith 73-77-75-75—300
Bob Goalby 72-78-79-71—300
Tom Weiskopf 73-72-75-80—300
Bobby Nichols 76-74-70-80—300
Jack Burke Jr. 74-72-76-79—301
Jim O'Hern 74-76-76-76—302
Rex Baxter 77-73-76-76—302
Kermit Zarley 75-75-73-79—302
Chuck Scally 74-76-73-80—303
Gene Torres 79-70-77-80—306
Stan Thirsk 68-82-76-80—306
Steve Friebert 74-76-78-79—307
Lionel Hebert 72-76-80-79—307
Larry Gilbert 69-81-80-77—307
Ralph Johnston 75-74-75-89—313

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