1973 Masters Tournament Results

The Masters was played for the 37th time in 1973. Tommy Aaron was the winner, his first and only major championship title.

Winner: Tommy Aaron, 283

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 5-9, 1973

Leader after first round: Tommy Aaron, 68

Leader after second round: Gay Brewer, Bob Dickson, Tommy Aaron and J.C. Snead, 141

Leader after third round: Peter Oosterhuis, 211

Notable Notes: Tommy Aaron fired a final-round 68 to come from four strokes behind and win the tournament, which finished on Monday when Saturday's play was rained out.

Ironically, Aaron's final-round playing partner, Johnny Miller, made a mistake on Aaron's scorecard that could have cost him the tournament had Aaron not caught and corrected the error. Why is that ironic? Because it was Aaron's mistake on Roberto de Vicenzo's scorecard at the 1968 Masters that cost de Vicenzo a chance at the title.

Final Scores

Tommy Aaron 68-73-74-68—283
J.C. Snead 70-71-73-70—284
Jim Jamieson 73-71-70-71—285
Jack Nicklaus 69-77-73-66—285
Peter Oosterhuis 73-70-68-74—285
Bob Goalby 73-70-71-74—288
Johnny Miller 75-69-71-73—288
Bruce Devlin 73-72-72-72—289
Jumbo Ozaki 69-74-73-73—289
Gay Brewer 75-66-74-76—291
Gardner Dickinson 74-70-72-75—291
Don January 75-71-75-70—291
Chi Chi Rodriguez 72-70-73-76—291
Hubert Green 72-74-75-71—292
Mason Rudolph 72-72-77-71—292
Dave Stockton 72-74-71-75—292
Billy Casper 75-73-72-73—293
Bob Dickson 70-71-76-76—293
Lou Graham 77-73-72-71—293
Babe Hiskey 74-73-72-74—293
Gene Littler 77-72-71-73—293
Kermit Zarley 74-71-77-71—293
Phil Rodgers 71-75-75-73—294
Frank Beard 73-75-71-76—295
a-Ben Crenshaw 73-72-74-76—295
Paul Harney 77-71-74-73—295
Bobby Nichols 79-72-76-68—295
Arnold Palmer 77-72-76-70—295
Bob Charles 74-70-74-78—296
Charles Coody 74-73-79-70—296
David Graham 72-74-77-73—296
Sam Snead 74-76-73-73—296
Lanny Wadkins 75-74-71-76—296
a-Vinny Giles 78-71-72-76—297
Steve Melnyk 72-74-79-72—297
Tom Weiskopf 77-71-75-74—297
Rod Funseth 73-75-74-76—298
Al Geiberger 75-76-77-70—298
Dave Hill 77-70-76-75—298
Grier Jones 71-72-77-78—298
Art Wall Jr. 79-69-74-76—298
a-Martin West III 75-70-77-76—298
George Archer 73-74-74-78—299
Miller Barber 78-72-80-69—299
Jim Colbert 74-72-76-77—299
Bruce Crampton 74-74-77-74—299
Lu Liang-Huan 74-72-75-78—299
Bob Lunn 76-74-72-77—299
Cesar Sanudo 72-75-76-76—299
Lee Trevino 74-75-75-75—299
Roberto De Vicenzo 74-74-78-74—300
Takaaki Kono 74-74-78-74—300
Bert Yancey 75-74-74-77—300
Raymond Floyd 76-73-75-77—301
Don Massengale 74-74-76-78—302
Jerry Heard 76-75-72-80—303
John Schlee 76-73-74-82—305

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