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Invesco QQQ Championship Winners

The Invesco QQQ Championship was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour, the U.S.-based circuit that is the world's top-level tour for 50-and-over golfers.

Yearly Driving Distance Leaders on the Champions Tour

Who are the longest drivers in the history of the Champions Tour? Let's take a look at the list of golfers who've led the senior circuit in driving average each year. The Champions Tour has kept this statistic since 1988, so that is how far back the list below goes.

Golfer Gardner Dickinson: PGA Tour Champion and Hogan Devotee

Gardner Dickinson won tournaments on the PGA Tour from the 1950s into the 1970s. But he is best-known for his devotion to Ben Hogan and his stellar Ryder Cup record.

All the Golfers Who've Gone 5-0-0 In a Presidents Cup

What is the best possible record a golfer can have in the Presidents Cup? Five wins, zero losses, zero draws: 5-0-0. For individual golfers playing the USA vs. International event, five matches is the maximum. So going 5-0-0 is Presidents Cup perfection. And in the history of the tournament, which goes back to 1994, only five golfers (so far) have achieved that perfection:

Largest Margins of Victory at the Presidents Cup

Which team, and which golfers, have won by the biggest margins in the Presidents Cup? The team record for margin of victory is 11 points, and the golfers' record for margin of victory in a match is 7-and-6.

Presidents Cup Captains: The Full List

Below is the list of Presidents Cup captains, all the golfers who've served in that role for Team USA and Team International going back to the first tournament in 1994.

The Five Founding Clubs of the USGA

"The Five Founding Clubs" refers to the five golf clubs that, in 1894, got together to create the United States Golf Association (USGA). Those clubs are Newport Country Club, Chicago Golf Club, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, The Country Club (in Brookline, Mass.) and Saint Andrew's Golf Club (in New York, not Scotland).

How to Play the Cut Throat Golf Game

Cut Throat is the name of a golf game that takes place entirely on the tee box, and should be reserved for rounds played on a mostly empty golf course; or rounds played on a packed golf course where play is very slow and your group is waiting on every tee. Before we get into the details,

Virginia Van Wie: Profile of 3-Time U.S. Women's Am Champ

Virginia Van Wie was one of the best women golfers of her era (the late 1920s/early 1930s). She won the biggest tournament then open to women three years in a row and then, like her contemporary Bobby Jones, walked away — at the top of her game, but just in her mid-20s.

2019 Presidents Cup

The 2019 Presidents Cup is the 13th time the tournament is played. It returns to Australia for this edition, which was also the host country for the 1998 and 2011 competitions.

13 Other Terms for the Dreaded Whiff in Golf

The whiff. Ouch. It hurts to even say the word. The whiff is one of the most dreaded "shots" in golf, certainly the most-embarrassing. But at least you can always find your golf ball when you whiff! Of course, that's because your ball is still right where it was. You missed. You swung, and you missed the golf ball — that's a whiff. While the whiff itself isn't fun, the lingo that golfers use often is. So here are 13 other terms that golfers use for the dreaded whiff:

Explaining the Through Line in Golf

The "through line" in golf is the extension of a golfer's putting line several feet beyond the hole. Or, to express it two other ways, a) the through line is the putt you'll have coming back to the hole if you miss long with your initial putt; b) the through line is the line on which the ball will keep rolling beyond the hole if you miss the cup with your first putting attempt.

LPGA Hana Bank Championship Tournament Winners, History

The Hana Bank Championship, originally named the Nine Bridges Classic, was an LPGA Tour event played in South Korea and co-sanctioned by the LPGA of Korea Tour.

Joe Jimenez, the Golfer Who Reached His Peak After Age 60

Joe Jimenez was a professional golfer best-known for his performance on the Champions Tour, even though he never won a regular tour event. He did have a knack for shooting his age, frequently, and, in the years before the Senior Tour existed, won a tournament that is now called a senior major.

When Tom Watson Tried to Get Gary McCord Fired

On October 26, 2019, CBS Sports confirmed that longtime golf broadcaster (and former PGA Tour player) Gary McCord had been let go. His contract was not picked up; he was no longer part of the CBS Sports golf broadcast team. McCord had been part of the network's golf broadcasts since 1986. It wasn't the first time CBS had dropped the comical, irreverent McCord. But the first time they did it, CBS fired him only from one tournament, The Masters.

What Does 'Good-Good' Mean in Golf?

"Good-good" is an expression — a question, actually — sometimes used between two golfers, neither of whom wants to attempt their next putts. When two golfers agree to "good-good," it means they both count their putts as good and pick up their golf balls without actually putting. No, "good-good" is not legal under the Rules of Golf.

How Big Was the Original Big Bertha Driver?

Callaway Golf always comes back to the "Big Bertha" name. The company doesn't always, all the time, have a driver in its lineup that uses that name, but the "Big Bertha" franchise remains exactly that: a franchise for Callaway, with Big Bertha clubs of many different types. It is one of the best-known club names in golf history. But I'm more interested in thinking back to the original Big Bertha driver.

The Meaning of 'Ham and Egg' in Golf

Have you ever heard the expression "ham-and-egg golf"? If you have, did you wonder what that means? You're in luck, because we like to explain golf lingo.

World Senior Championship Golf Matches

The World Senior Championship was a special event on the golf calendar from the 1950s into the 1970s that can't be called a tournament: Only two golfers competed in it each year.

Bio of Golfer Herman Barron

Herman Barron was a PGA Tour golfer who won in the 1940s and a longtime, PGA teaching professional at clubs in New York. He also has the distinction of being the first Jewish golfer to win on the PGA Tour.

PGA Tour Record: Consecutive Rounds in the 60s

What is the longest streak of scores in the 60s — the most consecutive sub-70 rounds — in PGA Tour history? The record is 19, and that record was set in 2019, breaking a mark that had stood since 2001.

This Golfer Made 2 Aces in 5 Holes — and He'd Never Even Birdied

It's the kind of story you might not believe: A golfer who had never made a birdie recorded not just one hole-in-one, but two aces — and within a five-hole stretch of golf. But it's true. And both aces were even witnessed by a famous golf instructor.

The Crestar Classic, Site of Arnold Palmer's Final Win

The Crestar Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour played in the decade of the 1980s and best-remembered as the site of Arnold Palmer's final senior tour victory.

Most Birdies In a Row on the European Tour

What is the European Tour's record for consecutive birdies in the same round of golf in a tour event? The unofficial record is nine birdies in a row; the official record is eight birdies in a row.

What Is a Grass Bunker in Golf?

"Grass bunker" is a term many golfers use for an indentation in the ground, or a hollowed-out area on a golf course, that is filled not with sand but with grass. Another way of putting it: A grass bunker is a depression full of rough ... which could certainly be depressing to a golfer who hits into one.

Golfers With the Most European Tour Wins

Which golfer has the most wins in European Tour history? Seve Ballesteros tops the list. And the list of the tour's top winners includes many other great names, too, including Tiger Woods, who is in third place.

Golfer Antonio Cerda: One of Argentina's Greatest

Antonio Cerda is one of the best golfers ever to emerge from Argentina. He won multiple times on the precursor to the European Tour in the 1950s, and had two near-misses in British Opens of that era.

Golf's Ben Hogan Tour (And Its Top Players)

The Ben Hogan Tour was the name of the PGA Tour's official developmental tour when that tour debuted in 1990, and for a couple years after. The tour itself is still around today, but has undergone many name changes over the years. The name "Ben Hogan Tour" (often shortened to just "Hogan Tour") was used only until 1993.

The Ben Hogan Award for College and Amateur Golf

The Ben Hogan Award is presented annually to the top male collegiate golfer in the United States, taking into account both college tournament results and other amateur tournaments, as determined by a selection committee. The award is presented by Colonial Country Club (in Fort Worth, Texas), in conjunction with the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) and The Friends of Golf organization.

Are Golf Ball Pick-Ups for Your Putter 'Legal' Under the Rules?

You might know a golfer — you might even be a golfer — who uses a putter that has a suction cup or other golf ball retrieval device affixed to the top of the grip. Maybe you've wondered whether the rules of golf allow such putters: When a golfer adds that ball retrieval gadget, such as a suction cup, is the putter still conforming according to the rules?

Yorkshire Evening News Tournament (Winners, History)

The Yorkshire Evening News Tournament was played in England from the 1920s into the 1960s. For many of those years, it was considered one of the biggest tournaments in Great Britain.

Golf's Major Winners Over the Age of 40

How many times has a golfer over the age of 40 won a major championship? It's not exactly a rare feat, but most years the four major winners in men's golf are under the age of 40. The longest gaps without any 40-and-over major winners have been 33 years (1876-1909, when there was only one major for the early years and then only two majors), and 26 years (1921-1947). In other years, however, there have been multiple major winners in their 40s.

Alf Perry: Pro Golfer, Open Championship Winner

Alf Perry was an English golf professional who won tournaments in the 1920s and 1930s. He had a quiet manner and a quirky swing, but Perry also had something else: The Claret Jug as a British Open winner.

The Approach Course in Golf

An "approach course" is a type of golf course that is much shorter than a regulation-sized golf course, and is designed specifically for golfers to work on their approach shots into the greens.

Explaining the 2-2-2 Golf Bet

What is a 2-2-2 in golf? It's the name of a type of wager than can be played within a group of golfers. The basics are pretty simple: It is three separate $2 wagers, one for the front nine, one for the back nine and another on the overall match result.

'Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius' Movie (Info, Stream, Buy)

The motion picture Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius stars Jim Caviezel as the famous golfer from the 1920s whose early struggles later gave way to what some consider the greatest golf career ever. Some sources claim this movie was the first ever given permission to film on location on The Old Course at St. Andrews.

Michelle Wie Quotes (Plus a Few About Her)

Michelle Wie burst onto the national golf scene when she was only 12 years old. We've watched her grow up in golf, and over the years she's given a lot of quotes. And other golfers have been asked for a lot of quotes about her. We've collected plenty of those Michelle Wie quotes here.

Indy Women in Tech Championship (LPGA Tour)

The Indy Women in Tech Championship was a tournament on the LPGA Tour played only three times. It was well-known during those three years for taking place on a golf course that featured several holes inside the world's most-famous auto racing track.

Golfer Ruth Jessen: Bio of LPGA Winner

Ruth Jessen was a professional golfer who won tournaments on the LPGA Tour from the late 1950s into the early 1970s. Her win total reached double digits even though her career was repeatedly interrupted by injuries and surgeries.

Motor City Open Tournament on the PGA Tour

The Motor City Open was a PGA Tour tournament played intermittently in the Detroit area from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. Despite the instability of the tournament, its roster of champions is quite impressive.

How to Play the Triples Game for Threesomes in Golf

Triples is the name of a golf game played by a group of three golfers. On each hole, each golfer earns points based on his or her score. The golfer with the best score of the three earns the most points; the golfer with the worst score of the three gets the fewest points. The way most groups pass out points works like this:

Winners of the Korn Ferry Tour Player of the Year Award

The Korn Ferry Tour is the developmental golf tour one level below the PGA Tour. Winning its Player of the Year award is a very good thing, not just because it means the winner was the best player on tour that year. Winning the award also means you've played well enough to earn a promotion to the PGA Tour.

Yearly Order of Merit Winners on the European Senior Tour

The European Senior Tour — now known as the Staysure Tour after its title sponsor — was founded in 1992 as the top-level tour in Europe for 50-and-over male golfers. Not surprisingly, the list of yearly Order of Merit winners below includes many prominent names in European golf, golfers who played primarily on the European Tour before moving on to the senior circuit.

How to Play the Strike Three Golf Game

Blow-up holes are something every golfer, even the best golfers sometimes, occasionally suffer. Wouldn't it be great if you could just throw those holes out — not count them in your score?

Golfer Dick Mayer: From U.S. Open Choker to Champion

Dick Mayer was a winner on the PGA Tour in the 1950s and 1960s who is best-remembered as a U.S. Open champion.

Explaining the Polee Golf Game/Side Bet

Polee is the name of a side bet within a group of golfers. But the exact meaning of the Polee bet differs depending on who is playing. We'll go over the four most-common ways golfers play the Polee bet.

Fascinating 1971 Behind-the-Scenes Look at LPGA: 'Their Game Is Golf'

Their Game Is Golf is the name of an early 1970s promotional film — it runs around 30 minutes long — produced by Sears to market the company's golf clubs and apparel. But it's so much more than that: It's a behind-the-scenes look at the LPGA Tour of that era, which is a pretty rare thing. There's just not that much video in existence of LPGA play from those days.

Golfers Who Led the Champions Tour in Wins Each Year

Below in the list of annual victory leaders on the Champions Tour; that is, the golfer who, each year, led the world's top senior golf tour in wins.

LPGA Takefuji Classic Golf Tournament (Winners, Records)

The LPGA Takefuji Classic was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour in the early 2000s, played first in Hawaii and then in Nevada. Although played only seven times, it produced an impressive list of champions.

European Tour 72-Hole Scoring Records (Total Strokes and Under Par)

Which golfers have gone the lowest on the European Tour? Below we see the European Tour records for lowest 72-hole stroke total and for most strokes under par over 72 holes. The record-low stroke total is 258, and the Euro Tour's 72-hole record for strokes under par is 29-under.

Joe Kirkwood Sr.: First Australian PGA Tour Winner, Trick Shot Performer

Joe Kirkwood Sr. was the first Australian winner on the PGA Tour and won more than a dozen times in the 1920s and 1930s. But his bigger claim to fame is probably that he was the first golfer to gain fame (and lots of money) by doing trick shots.

Nasties: Explaining the Golf Game and Side Bet

What, you just holed a shot from off the green? Oh, you nasty boy! That's how you win the golf bet that goes by the name of Nasties.

What Is Tiger Woods' Handicap?

Trick question: Tiger Woods doesn't have a handicap. But if he did, it would be an amazingly low one, as we'll see below.

PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Award Winners

Below is the list of Rookie of the Year Award winners on the PGA Tour. The tour has given the award only since 1990, when Robert Gamez was its first recipient.

European Tour Career Money List

Below are the all-time leaders in earnings on the European Tour, the tour's career money list.

The 18-Hole Scoring Record on the European Tour

What is the lowest 18-hole score ever posted on the European Tour? It's not 58, like on the PGA Tour. It's not 59 like on the LPGA Tour. In European Tour history, no golfer has yet broken 60. That is coming, and probably soon. But for now a passel of golfers share the European Tour scoring record for 18 holes, which is 60.

The Cart Fee in Golf

The "cart fee" at a golf course is the amount of money the course charges a golfer for the use of a riding cart for one round of golf. But how much is that?

Walker Cup Results: Scores of All the Matches

The Walker Cup is an international team golf tournament played every two years (in odd-numbered years). The event is played by amateur male golfers, and the two teams are the United States and Great Britain and Ireland. Twenty-six matches are played during the tournament so 26 points are at stake.

The Invisible Man Golf Game, a Variation on Skins

"Invisible Man" is the name of a golf betting game that is a variation on a basic Skins Game. Who is the invisible man in the game? That's Old Man Par, and he wants a cut of your winnings.

Explaining the Wraparound Schedule in Golf

A "wraparound schedule" (sometimes called a "wraparound season") is a pro golf tour schedule that begins in one year and finishes in the following year. Such a tour schedule or tour season wraps around from one year to the next.

The Career Second Slam: Golfers Who Finished Second At All Four Majors

You know what the Career Grand Slam is: Golfers who've won all four of the professional majors over the course of their careers. But what about the "Career Second Slam"? That refers to golfers who've finished second at all four of the majors. It is sometimes called the Runner-up Slam or Second-Place Slam. So far, eight golfers have achieved that feat in their careers. And it is a feat: You have to be a very good golfer, as the names below will show, to post a runner-up finish at all four majors during your career. Most golfers never finish second at even one major, after all. Interesting fact about the list of Career Second Slam winners: Only one of them (Jack Nicklaus) has also won the Career Grand Slam. The other Career Grand Slam winners, including Tiger Woods, did not or have not yet recorded a second-place in at least one of the majors.List of Golfers With the Career Second SlamCraig Wood
Wood was the first to achieve it, doing so when he added a second-pla…

Kroger Senior Classic on the Champions Tour

The Kroger Senior Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour for senior (50-and-over) pros. It was played in Ohio, was three rounds (54 holes) in duration, and took place 15 times beginning in the early 1990s.

Allan Macfie, Golfer Who Won the First Amateur Championship

Allan Macfie was the winner of the first Amateur Championship (what Americans call the British Amateur) in 1885. Born in England, he played under the Scottish flag. His dedication to practicing his game rates him as the Vijay Singh of late 1800s.

Record for Most Consecutive Holes Without a Bogey in Pro Golf

Even for the best golfers on the planet, bogeys are common. Golf is hard! But in the history of the world's top pro golf tours, there are two remarkable streaks of bogey-free holes that reached 110 holes and more.

What Is a Sunday Ball in Golf?

"Sunday ball" is a slang term in golf for a do-over shot. In other words, it's another term for a mulligan.

Lee Trevino at the Masters: 'Pray they don't invite me back'

Something funny happened in the first round of the 1989 Masters: Lee Trevino took the lead. Well, it was funny to Trevino, and unexpected to everyone else. The UPI account from April 7, 1989 reads like this:

Explaining the Elevated Green in Golf

An elevated green is a putting green that is higher than the surrounding elements of the hole it is part of. A golfer who encounters an elevated green will be playing her approach up to that green, because she will be hitting from an area (whether fairway, rough or tee) that is lower than the elevated green's surface.

The 'Play Club' Was Golf's Original Driver

A term that used be common in golf but is virtually never heard anymore, outside of historical discussions of the game, is "play club." But the old, archaic golf club whose name was "play club" was, essentially, the original driver.

Jack Simpson, Longshot Winner of the British Open

Jack Simpson is one of the lesser-known British Open champions, winner of the Open in 1884 — virtually his only tournament finish of note. But his family name is still on a Carnoustie landmark today.

Sisters Who've Played on the Same Solheim Cup Team

Sisters playing together on a Solheim Cup team? That has to be a rarity. After all, how many sets of sisters can you name where two (or more) siblings were playing top-level, winning golf in the same general time frame? They are rare. But, in fact, two sets of sisters so far have been on the same Solheim Cup squads.

European Tour Cannes Open Golf Tournament

The Cannes Open was a golf tournament on the European Tour that was played for most of the 1980s and 1990s in the famous resort city in France.

What Is a Pigeon in Golf? (You Don't Want to Be One)

You might guess that a pigeon is the name of a golf score, since there is an avian theme to the names of golf scores (birdie, eagle). But no, pigeon is something very different. Pigeon is something no golfer wants to be called.

Solheim Cup Captains Picks (By Year, With Player Records)

Below is the list of every golfer who has received a captain's pick to play in the Solheim Cup. Which golfers have done the best (and worst) with their opportunities?

Facts About the Solheim Cup Trophy

The Solheim Cup trophy — the literal Solheim Cup — is an impressive crystal, cut-glass trophy. The team (United States or Europe) that wins the tournament named the Solheim Cup gets to keep that trophy for two years, until the next tournament comes around. How big is the Solheim Cup trophy? This is the tale of the tape

Mary Lena Faulk, LPGA Major Winner

Mary Lena Faulk was an LPGA Tour player of the 1950s and 1960s who won 10 times, including one victory in a major championship.

What Happens If the Solheim Cup Ends in a Tie?

Every two years, there are 28 points up for grabs by the two teams playing the Solheim Cup. And that presents the possibility the two teams will tie, 14-14. What happens in the event such a tie happens? Who gets the Cup?

Who Is the Solheim Cup Named After?

The Solheim Cup is one of the biggest events in women's professional golf, played every other year betweens teams representing Europe and the United States. But who is it named after — who put the "Solheim" in Solheim Cup?

The Solheim Cup Format Explained

The format for the Solheim Cup is two days of doubles match play using foursomes and fourballs, followed by a final day of singles match play. It is a three-day competition between teams of women professional golfers representing the United States and Europe. Twenty-eight points are at stake over the those three days, which break down like this:

2019 Solheim Cup: Final Score, Team Rosters, Match Results

The 2019 Solheim Cup was the 16th time the competition was played. With Team Europe's dramatic victory, the overall standings in the event's history was 10 wins for Team USA, six wins for Team Europe.

Golfer Harry Weetman: Big Drives, Big Wins, Big Mouth

Harry Weetman was an English golfer who was one of the top players in Britain and Europe during the 1950s and into the early 1960s. He won more than 15 notable tournaments during that time, and also played in numerous Ryder Cups. (He captained a Ryder Cup squad, too.)

Solheim Cup Results: Scores of Every Match Played

The Solheim Cup is the international women's pro team golf tournament in which United States golfers play against a team of European golfers. It was launched in 1990, created by the LPGA Tour and Ladies European Tour, at the urging of namesake Karsten Solheim and the backing of his company, Ping Golf.

How to Calculate a 'Blind Bogey Handicap' for a Golf Tournament

A "blind bogey handicap" is a one-day handicap for a golf tournament that is figured after the golfers have completed play. It allows golfers who don't have official handicaps (which is typically most golfers who play in association events, corporate outings, charity tournaments and the like) to take part in tournaments that use or require handicaps, and to compete for net score prizes.

The Azalea Open, Former PGA Tour Golf Tournament

The Azalea Open was a PGA Tour golf tournament that was played from the mid-1940s into the early 1970s, all but one of those years in North Carolina.

The Scruffies Game: How to Play the Scruffy Golf Bet

The "scruffy" is a golf bet played within any group of golfers. It involves one of those golfers betting the others that he or she can make par from a less-than-ideal location following the tee shots. In Scruffies, which the game is also called, a golfer whose tee shot misses the fairway (on par-4s and par-5s) or the green (on par-3s holes) can call a scruffy. That puts the bet in place.

The Golf Meanings of the Word 'Out'

"Out" is a very common word in our everyday language. But in a golf context, "out" has two specific meanings that apply to, respectively, golf ball position and golf course layout.

Biography of LPGA Golfer Sandra Spuzich, Major Winner

Sandra Spuzich won golf tournaments on the LPGA Tour from the mid-1960s through the early 1980s. While she didn't win a lot of them, Spuzich did win the biggest of all: the U.S. Women's Open.

Playing the Bogey or Bust Golf Game

Bogey or Bust is the name of a golf game that is most often played as a side bet by buddies in a group of four, or as a bonus pool within a tournament. Either way, as the name implies, in Bogey or Bust the object of the game is making no worse than a bogey on each hole.

All the Pro Golfers Who've Won 3 Majors In the Same Year

In the history of professional golf, only six golfers have won three of the pro majors in the same calendar year. Four women have done it and two men. Nobody (yet) has won four majors in the same year.

The 21 (Twenty-One) Golf Putting Game: Don't Leave It Short

"21" (or "Twenty-One") is the name of a golf putting game that can help golfers who struggle getting their putts to the hole. Leave it short on a regular basis? Playing 21 might help. Or it might cost you some money if you and your buddies have a wager at stake.

Cool-Season Grasses Used on Golf Courses

"Cool-season grasses" are those grasses that grow best in cooler climates. In the golf world, that means grasses that maintain their growth rates, healthy root systems and density in cooler temperatures, but suffer in those areas when the weather warms up.

How to Play the Barkies Golf Game (What Is a 'Barkie' Anyway?)

A "barkie" happens when a golfer makes par on a hole after hitting a tree with one of his shots. Your drive hit a tree, yet you recovered to make par? You just scored a barkie.

Golfer Tom Kidd: Early British Open Winner, Club Innovator

Tom Kidd is a golfer of the 19th century and one of the lesser-known British Open champs ever. But he did, in fact, win the Open Championship ... and he might have just invented grooves on irons.

Regions Charity Classic (Bruno's Memorial Classic) Senior Golf Tournament

The Regions Charity Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour that was played for nearly 20 years starting from the early 1990s.

Senior British Open Golf Courses: Where They've Played

The Senior British Open (its formal title is Senior Open Championship) is one of the five major championships of senior (over-50) men's golf. Would you like to play where senior major champions have played? Below is the list of golf courses that have hosted this championship.

Evian Championship Winners: The Full List Plus Playoffs

The Evian Championship is one of the five majors of women's professional golf. It is played annually in France at the Evian Resort Golf Club, and its history dates to 1994.

Senior Open Championship Winners

The Senior Open Championship is one of the majors in senior (over-50) golf. It is also called The Senior Open or, by some golfers, the Senior British Open (to differentiate it from the U.S. Senior Open). This tournament is run by the R&A and has been a senior major in Europe since its founding in 1987.

Biography of Golfer, PGA Tour Winner Al Besselink

Al Besselink was a PGA Tour winner in the 1950s and 1960s, but is perhaps best-remembered today for his hijinks and love of gambling — including on himself to win golf tournaments.

7 Simple Tips to Protect Your Health on the Golf Course

Golf fitness (specific exercises and stretches designed for golfers) can help your golf game, and playing golf can help you get or stay fit. But staying healthy during a round of golf is very important, too. Here are some general tips for protecting your health during a round of golf.

2019 British Open: Winner and Final Scores

The 2019 British Open was 148th time this major was played. It took place in Northern Ireland and an Irish golfer won it.

Highest Scores Ever in the British Open for 18 Holes

In the first round of the 2019 British Open, David Duval carded a score so high that it took a while to figure out what he'd actually shot. It wound up as a 91. Where does that rank among the worst scores in British Open history for an 18-hole round? Unfortunately for Duval, it makes the list.

How to Play the Fairways to Heaven Golf Game

Have you ever heard of a golf game named "Fairways to Heaven"? It's a game that requires a golfer to hit the fairway with his or her drive, and to do so under pressure because there is money at stake.

Michelle Wie's LPGA Finishes As An Amateur

Michelle Wie burst onto the international golf scene before she was even a teenager: Her first LPGA Tour appearances happened when she was only 12 years old. From age 12 through age 15, before turning pro, Wie played in 24 LPGA tournaments.

Looking Back: The Dunlop-Southport Tournament in England

The Dunlop-Southport Tournament (sometimes shortened to just Southport Tournament) was played in England from the early 1930s to the late 1940s. Its champions roster includes many of the top British golfers of the era.

Max Faulkner, Quirky 1951 Open Champ Who Brought Color to Golf

Max Faulkner won a British Open title and more than a dozen top tournaments in the pre-European Tour era of British and Continental golf. He also earned a reputation as an eccentric with antics such as walking on his hands during a tournament.

Is It the British Open or The Open Championship?

The major championship of men's professional golf that is played every year in Great Britain (and a couple times in Northern Ireland) is called ... what, exactly? Is it the British Open or The Open Championship? Which is correct? The answer, we say, is this: One name is correct, but both names are good.

Who Was the First Golfer to Break 70 in a British Open?

James Braid was the first golfer in the history of the oldest major, the Open Championship, to record a sub-70 score for an 18-hole round. In the 1904 British Open, played at Royal St. George's Golf Club, Braid carded a 69 in the third round — the first 18-hole round in the 60s ever in the British Open.

The 'Great Triumvirate' of Golf

The term "Great Triumvirate," when used in a golf context, refers to the three greatest golfers of the late 19th/early 20th century period who dominated golf in Great Britain: Harry Vardon, J.H. Taylor and James Braid.

73 Fun and Fascinating Firsts at the British Open

Since the British Open was the first pro golf tournament and is the oldest extant golf tournament and oldest major, it's had more than 150 years of accumulating firsts. The first sub-70 round, for example, or the first golfer to win it four times. That's what we're talking about here: All those fascinating firsts in the history of the Open Championship that advanced the tournament, and continue to do so.

The Biggest Winning Margins Ever in the British Open

What is the largest margin of victory ever in the British Open? The answer to that, considering the entire tournament history, is 13 strokes. But since the history of this major dates to the mid-19th century, perhaps it is better to talk about its margin-of-victory record in terms of pre-1900 and 1900-to-present. So let's do that.Largest Pre-20th Century Winning Margin in the British Open In the 1800s, the record for margin of victory in the Open Championship is 13 strokes, set by Old Tom Morris in 1862. And that is the all-time record, as well, making it perhaps the oldest record in golf history still standing. The runner-up to Old Tom in 1862 was Willie Park Sr. The 1862 Open was just the third time the Open was played. It took place at Prestwick, which at the time was a 12-hole links. The golfers played three rounds, so 36 holes total. Old Tom shot 52-55-56, a 163 total. Here's an important point, though, and one that makes the margin-of-victory records from the post-190…

Monday Qualifiers Who Won on the LPGA Tour

On the Monday preceding many LPGA Tour events, golfers who are not yet in that week's tournament get the chance to play their way in. These 18-hole "tournaments" are called Monday qualifiers. And the question we are asking now is this: Has any golfer ever played her way into an LPGA Tour tournament through a Monday qualifier, and then won that event? The answer is yes.

Listen to Gary Player's 1970 Record Album, 'Gary Player Sings'

Gary Player is one of the greatest golfers of all time, and one of the best-known. As in, avid golf fans really know a lot about Gary. Probably too much given that he once posed semi-nude for ESPN the Magazine. But we bet you didn't know Player once recorded a record album, singing 10 songs, a selection of standards, classics and little-known ditties that were some combination of folk, country and pop.

Sky Marks On Your Driver and How to Fix Them

Sky marks (often spelled as one word, "skymarks") are those scratches and scuff marks in the finish and paint on the top of a driver that result from mishitting the golf ball.

LPGA Tour's Lorena Ochoa Invitational Golf Tournament

The Lorena Ochoa Invitational was an LPGA Tour tournament played in Mexico and hosted by the retired tour legend, Ochoa. It was played nine times in the early 2000s.