1939 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

The 1939 U.S. Open was the 43rd time the tournament was played, and Byron Nelson won in a playoff.

Winner: Byron Nelson, 284

Where it was played: Philadelphia Country Club in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: June 8-12, 1939

Leader after first round: Sam Snead, 68

Leader after second round: Sam Snead, 139

Leader after third round: Johnny Bulla, 211

Notable Notes: Sam Snead reached the 72nd hole in the lead, and needed a par to win the championship. But he thought he needed a birdie, so played aggressively and wound up making triple-bogey. Snead never won a U.S. Open. Instead, Byron Nelson, Craig Wood and Denny Shute, each of whom finished at 284, entered a playoff. Nelson and Wood tied after 18 holes at 68, so had to play another 18 (Shute had a 76 in the first 18 and so didn't continue). Nelson went five ahead of Wood after four holes of the second 18, and won confortably by three strokes. The final scores were 138 for Nelson, 141 for Wood. ... The low amateur, Bud Ward, finished in fourth place, one stroke out of the playoff.

Final Scores

Byron Nelson 72-73-71-68—284
Craig Wood 70-71-71-72—284
Denny Shute 70-72-70-72—284
a-Bud Ward 69-73-71-72—285
Sam Snead 68-71-73-74—286
Johnny Bulla 72-71-68-76—287
Ralph Guldahl 71-73-72-72—288
Dick Metz 76-72-71-69—288
Ky Laffoon 76-70-73-70—289
Harold "Jug" McSpaden 70-73-71-75—289
Paul Runyan 76-70-71-72—289
Harry Cooper 71-72-75-72—290
Ed Dudley 76-72-73-69—290
Henry Picard 72-72-72-74—290
Horton Smith 72-68-75-76—291
Sam Byrd 75-71-72-74—292
Olin Dutra 70-74-70-78—292
Clayton Heafner 73-73-66-80—292
a-Wilford Wehrle 71-77-69-75—292
Jimmy Hines 73-74-77-69—293
Johnny Rogers 75-70-69-79—293
Tommy Armour 70-75-69-80—294
Jimmy Demaret 72-76-72-74—294
Johnny Revolta 73-76-71-74—294
Bobby Cruickshank 73-74-73-75—295
Jim Foulis 73-75-77-70—295
Dutch Harrison 75-72-74-74—295
Matt Kowal 69-76-75-75—295
Vic Ghezzi 73-71-76-76—296
Ed "Porky" Oliver 75-77-72-72—296
Felix Serafin 80-72-71-73—296
Al Espinosa 75-73-74-75—297
Alvin Krueger 71-77-73-76—297
Ray Mangrum 71-74-81-71—297
Jim Turnesa 75-74-75-73—297
Art Bell 73-75-79-71—298
Leo Walper 74-75-79-70—298
Terl Johnson 73-76-76-74—299
a-Edwin Kingsley 76-75-73-75—299
Frank Moore 73-70-77-79—299
Sam Parks Jr. 73-73-77-76—299
Billy Burke 74-74-77-75—300
William Francis 78-74-74-74—300
Gene Kunes 76-73-75-76—300
Lawson Little 69-74-76-81—300
Frank Walsh 74-75-76-75—300
Joe Belfore 76-76-68-81—301
a-Otto Greiner 77-73-77-74—301
Gene Sarazen 74-72-79-76—301
Pat Sawyer 75-75-77-74—301
a-Willie Turnesa 77-74-76-74—301
Bruce Coltart 78-73-80-71—302
Tom Creavy 72-78-77-75—302
Al Houghton 73-76-76-77—302
Ted Luther 73-75-77-78—303
Tony Manero 74-76-78-76—304
Lloyd Mangrum 70-74-81-79—304
Ted Turner 75-74-80-76—305
George Von Elm 72-77-76-81—306
Norman Von Nida 79-73-72-82—306
a-Edward Meister Jr. 71-76-81-79—307
Ben Hogan 76-74-78-80—308
George Slingerland 74-78-81-75—308
Frank Gelhot 74-76-78-81—309

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