1962 British Open: 2nd Year In a Row for Arnie

The 1962 British Open was the 91st time the tournament was played, and the second year in a row it was won by Arnie.

Winner: Arnold Palmer, 276

Where it was played: Troon Golf Club in South Ayrshire, Scotland

Tournament dates: July 11-13, 1962

Leader after first round: Keith MacDonald, 69

Leader after second round: Arnold Palmer, 140

Leader after third round: Arnold Palmer, 207

Notable Notes: Months after winning the 1962 Masters, Arnold Palmer won his second straight major at this tournament. A 67 in the third round opened a 5-stroke lead for Palmer, who closed with a 69 and won by a margin of six strokes. The runner-up was Kel Nagle, the man who beat Palmer by a stroke in the 1960 Open.

Final Scores

Arnold Palmer 71-69-67-69—276
Kel Nagle 71-71-70-70—282
Brian Huggett 75-71-74-69—289
Phil Rodgers 75-70-72-72—289
Bob Charles 75-70-70-75—290
Sam Snead 76-73-72-71—292
Peter Thomson 70-77-75-70—292
Peter Alliss 77-69-74-73—293
Dave Thomas 77-70-71-75—293
Syd Scott 77-74-75-68—294
Ralph Moffitt 75-70-74-76—295
Jean Garaialde 76-73-76-71—296
Sebastian Miguel 72-79-73-72—296
Harry Weetman 75-73-73-75—296
Ross Whitehead 74-75-72-75—296
Roger Foreman 77-73-72-75—297
Bernard Hunt 74-75-75-73—297
Denis Hutchinson 78-73-76-70—297
Jimmy Martin 73-72-76-76—297
Christy O'Connor Sr. 74-78-73-72—297
John Panton 74-73-79-71—297
Tony Coop 76-75-75-72—298
Donald Swaelens 72-79-74-74—299
Brian Bamford 77-73-74-76—300
Lionel Platts 76-75-78-71—300
Guy Wolstenholme 78-74-76-72—300
Hugh Boyle 73-78-74-76—301
Keith MacDonald 69-77-76-79—301
George Low 77-75-77-73—302
Harry Bradshaw 72-75-81-75—303
Harold Henning 74-73-79-77—303
Jimmy Hitchcock 78-74-72-79—303
Doug Beattie 72-75-79-78—304
Eric Brown 74-78-79-74—305
Jack Nicklaus 80-72-74-79—305
John Johnson 76-74-81-76—307
Don Essig 76-72-79-81—308
a-Charlie Green 76-75-81-76—308
David Miller 76-74-81-78—309

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