1965 British Open: Thomson's Fifth Win

The 1965 British Open was the 94th time the tournament was played. It was the fifth time winning for the champion.

Winner: Peter Thomson, 285

Where it was played: Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England

Tournament dates: July 7-9, 1965

Leader after first round: Tony Lema, 68

Leader after second round: Tony Lema and Bruce Devlin, 140

Leader after third round: Peter Thomson, 214

Notable Notes: In the 1950s, Peter Thomson won four British Opens, including three in row from 1954-56. His fifth and final win happened here. Thomson scored a modest 72 in the third round, but in tough scoring conditions that was enough to send him into the lead. A final-round 71 gave Thompson the 2-stroke victory over Brian Huggett and Christy O'Connor Sr.

Final Scores

Peter Thomson 74-68-72-71—285
Brian Huggett 73-68-76-70—287
Christy O'Connor Sr. 69-73-74-71—287
Roberto De Vicenzo 74-69-73-72—288
Bernard Hunt 74-74-70-71—289
Tony Lema 68-72-75-74—289
Kel Nagle 74-70-73-72—289
Bruce Devlin 71-69-75-75—290
Sebastian Miguel 72-73-72-73—290
Max Faulkner 74-72-74-73—293
John Panton 74-74-75-70—293
Hugh Boyle 73-69-76-76—294
Neil Coles 73-74-77-70—294
Jack Nicklaus 73-71-77-73—294
Lionel Platts 72-72-73-77—294
Arnold Palmer 70-71-75-79—295
Eric Brown 72-70-77-77—296
Tommy Horton 75-73-76-72—296
Cobie Legrange 76-73-75-72—296
Guy Wolstenholme 72-75-77-72—296
Brian Bamford 72-76-74-75—297
Christy Green 72-77-74-74—297
Denis Hutchinson 74-72-76-75—297
George Will 75-69-74-79—297
Fred Boobyer 74-73-73-78—298
Tony Jacklin 75-73-73-77—298
Doug Sewell 72-75-74-77—298
Ramon Sota 75-70-78-75—298
a-Michael Burgess 74-73-78-74—299
Harry Weetman 76-69-80-74—299
Tony Coop 78-71-78-74—301
Bill Large 76-73-74-78—301
Doug Beattie 73-74-76-79—302
a-Michael Bonallack 75-72-79-76—302
a-Joe Carr 70-72-81-79—302
David Miller 77-70-76-79—302
Bill Hector 76-70-79-78—303
George Low 74-75-77-77—303
Dave Thomas 73-73-78-80—304
Terry Dill 75-72-79-79—305
Angel Galladrod 77-71-80-77—305
Robert Mandeville 72-76-77-80—305
David Talbot 75-72-76-82—305
Gordon Cunningham 74-75-79-78—306
Jim McAlister 72-75-77-82—306
Ross Newdick 75-72-80-80—307
Peter Alliss 73-73-82-80—308
Barry Franklin 77-70-84-77—308
Jimmy Hitchcock 75-74-85-76—310

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