1973 U.S. Open Golf Championship Winner and Scores

The 1973 U.S. Open was the 73rd time the tournament was played and it featured one of golf's most famous rounds.

Winner: Johnny Miller, 279

Where it was played: Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: June 14-17, 1973

Leader after first round: Gary Player, 67

Leader after second round: Gary Player, 137

Leader after third round: Arnold Palmer, Julius Boros, John Schlee and Jerry Heard, 210

Notable Notes: One of the most famous rounds in golf history happened here: Johnny Miller's final-round 63. Miller was a player of promise in the early 1970s, but his achievement here made him a star. Miller was six shots off the lead entering the final round, not in the Top 10. He started Round 4 with four straight birdies, kept hitting fairways and greens and making putts, and ended with the first round of 63 ever at one of golf's four professional majors. Miller took the clubhouse lead at 279 and waiting to see if anyone could catch him. Nobody did.

Final Scores

Johnny Miller 71-69-76-63—279
John Schlee 73-70-67-70—280
Tom Weiskopf 73-69-69-70—281
Lee Trevino 70-72-70-70—282
Arnold Palmer 71-71-68-72—282
Jack Nicklaus 71-69-74-68—282
Julius Boros 73-69-68-73—283
Jerry Heard 74-70-66-73—283
Lanny Wadkins 74-69-75-65—283
Jim Colbert 70-68-74-72—284
Bob Charles 71-69-72-74—286
Gary Player 67-70-77-73—287
Al Geiberger 73-72-71-72—288
Larry Ziegler 73-74-69-72—288
Ralph Johnston 71-73-76-68—288
Raymond Floyd 70-73-75-71—289
a-Vinny Giles 74-69-74-73—290
Gene Littler 71-74-70-76—291
Rocky Thompson 73-71-71-76—291
Denny Lyons 72-74-75-72—293
Hale Irwin 73-74-75-71—293
Rod Funseth 75-74-70-74—293
Bobby Nichols 75-71-74-73—293
Bob Murphy 77-70-75-71—293
Bert Yancey 73-70-75-76—294
Tom Shaw 73-71-74-76—294
Frank Beard 74-75-68-77—294
Miller Barber 74-71-71-78—294
Charles Coody 74-74-73-74—295
John Mahaffey 74-72-74-75—295
Chi Chi Rodriguez 75-71-75-74—295
Sam Snead 75-74-73-73—295
Don Bies 77-73-73-72—295
Bob Erickson 73-74-76-73—296
Larry Wise 74-73-76-73—296
George Archer 76-73-74-73—296
Bud Allin 78-67-74-77—296
Gene Borek 77-65-80-75—297
Deane Beman 73-75-75-75—298
Cesar Sanudo 75-73-76-74—298
Paul Moran 75-74-76-73—298
Mac Hunter Jr. 77-73-72-76—298
Billy Ziobro 77-69-77-75—298
Dave Stockton 77-73-77-71—298
Grier Jones 73-76-76-74—299
Joe Campbell 74-76-74-75—299
Roger Ginsberg 74-75-73-77—299
Lee Elder 72-77-78-72—299
Art Wall Jr. 73-77-71-78—299
Tommy Aaron 78-71-72-78—299
Forrest Fezler 78-69-80-72—299
Butch Baird 75-74-75-76—300
Tony Jacklin T 75-75-73-77—300
Larry Wood 79-71-76-74—300
Chris Blocker 73-76-78-74—301
David Glenz 76-74-71-80—301
a-Gary Koch 74-74-79-75—302
David Graham 73-77-77-76—303
John Gentile 72-74-78-79—303
Bob Goalby 72-77-79-75—303
Jim Jamieson 74-76-79-74—303
John Lister 76-74-80-73—303
Greg Powers 79-70-77-79—305
Tom Joyce 78-70-81-76—305
George Bayer 72-77-82-79—310

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