Winners of Former LPGA Tour Event, the Birmingham Classic

This former LPGA Tour tournament was played 11 times from the early 1970s until the early 1980s, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Jane Blalock was the only 2-time winner of the tournament. Jan Stephenson's second career win happened here, and Hollis Stacy and Beth Daniel also posted early victories in this event.

First played: 1972

Last played: 1982

Also known as: Birmingham Centennial Classic, Otey Crisman Classic

Winners of the Birmingham Classic
1982 — Beth Daniel
1981 — Beth Solomon
1980 — Barbara Barrow
1979 — Jane Blalock
1978 — Hollis Stacy
1977 — Debbie Austin
1976 — Jan Stephenson
1975 — Maria Astrologes
1974 — Jane Blalock
1973 — Gloria Ehret
1972 — Betty Burfeindt

Golf Courses: Green Valley Country Club in Birmingham, Alabama.

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