Elizabeth Arden Classic Golf Tournament (LPGA)

The Elizabeth Arden Classic was a tournament on the LPGA Tour from the late 1960s into the mid-1980s. It was played in south Florida.

The tournament is probably best-known as the site of JoAnne Carner's first career win in 1969, when she was still an amateur. Carner won it again many years later, in 1982 and in 1985.

First played: 1969

Last played: 1986

Also known as: Burdine's Invitational, American Cancer Society Classic

Winners of the Elizabeth Arden Classic
1986 — Ayako Okamoto
1985 — JoAnne Carner
1984 — Patty Sheehan
1983 — Nancy Lopez
1982 — JoAnne Carner
1981 — Sally Little
1980 — Jane Blalock
1979 — Amy Alcott
1978 — Debbie Austin
1977 — Pam Higgins
1976 — Judy Rankin
1975 — Donna Caponi
1974 — Sandra Palmer
1973 — Jo Ann Prentice
1972 — Marlene Hagge
1971 — Sandra Haynie
1970 — Carol Mann
1969 — JoAnne Carner

Golf Courses: Played at courses in the Miami, Fla., area, including Turnberry Isle Country Club, Country Club at Aventura, Doral Country Club and Country Club of Miami.

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