Kyocera Inamori Classic (LPGA Tournament)

This was a tournament on the LPGA Tour, played in the San Diego, California, area from the early 1980s into the early 1990s.

Amy Alcott was the first champion, but Patty Sheehan holds the tournament record with three victories. Sheehan and Ayako Okamoto both posted back-to-back wins.

First played: 1980

Last played: 1993

Also known as: Inamori Golf Classic, Inamori Classic, San Diego Inamori Golf Classic, Red Robin Kyocera Inamori Classic

Winners of the Kyocera Inamori Classic
1993 — Kris Monaghan
1992 — Judy Dickinson
1991 — Laura Davies
1990 — Kris Monaghan
1989 — Patti Rizzo
1988 — Ayako Okamoto
1987 — Ayako Okamoto
1986 — Patty Sheehan
1985 — Beth Daniel
1984 — Not played
1983 — Patty Sheehan
1982 — Patty Sheehan
1981 — Hollis Stacy
1980 — Amy Alcott

Golf Courses: Multiple courses around the San Diego area, including one year at Torrey Pines. Other sites included Stardust Country Club, StoneRidge Country Club, Bernardo Heights Country Club, Fairbanks Ranch Country Club and Almaden Golf and Country Club.

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