Mayflower Classic Winners (Former LPGA Tournament)

The Mayflower Classic was a golf tournament played on the LPGA Tour from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s. It was played in Indiana.

The tournament had only one multiple champion: Sandra Palmer won it twice, including its first year.

First played: 1976

Last played: 1988

Also known as: Bloomington Bicentennial Classic

1988 — Terry-Jo Myers
1987 — Colleen Walker
1986 — Sandra Palmer
1985 — Alice Miller
1984 — Ayako Okamoto
1983 — Lauren Howe
1982 — Sally Little
1981 — Debbie Austin
1980 — Amy Alcott
1979 — Hollis Stacy
1978 — Jane Blalock
1977 — Judy Rankin
1976 — Sandra Palmer

Golf Courses: The Country Club of Indianapolis, Harbour Trees Golf Club, Lake Monroe at the Pointe Golf Course

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