1895 U.S. Open Golf Championship: The First Winner

The 1895 tournament was the inaugural event, the very first U.S. Open golf tournament played.

Winner: Horace Rawlins, 173

Where it was played: Newport Golf Club in Newport, Rhode Island

Tournament dates: October 4, 1895

Leader after first round: Willie Dunn, James Foulis and Willie Campbell, 89

Notable Notes: The golfers played four 9-hole rounds, which were combined into two 18-hole scores. The first U.S. Open champion was Horace Rawlins, who beat nine other golfers. Rawlins shot 82 in the second round (which was the combined scores of his third and fourth trips around the 9-hole course), the lowest score of the tournament.

Fourteen golfers entered the first U.S. Open, but only the 10 whose scores are listed below completed the tournament. The four who entered but did not finish were Charles B. Macdonald, William Norton, Winthrop Rutherford and Lawrence Stoddart. The most-famous of the 14 entrants today is not the winner, Rawlins, but Macdonald, a renowned golf course architect. Macdonald withdrew from the 1895 U.S. Open after winning the U.S. Amateur that was played on the same golf course one day prior.

James Foulis, who tied for third place, won the following year in the 1896 U.S. Open.

Final Scores

Horace Rawlins 45-46-41-41—173
Willie Dunn 43-46-44-42—175
James Foulis 46-43-44-43—176
a-Andrew Smith 47-43-44-42—176
William Davis 45-49-42-42—178
Willie Campbell 41-48-42-48—179
John Harland 45-48-43-47—183
John Patrick 46-48-46-43—183
Samuel Tucker 49-48-45-43—185
John Reid 49-51-55-51—206

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