1896 U.S. Open: First Controversy

The 1896 U.S. Open was the second time the tournament was played. It took one day to play and included the first U.S. Open controversy.

Winner: James Foulis, 152

Where it was played: Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, New York

Tournament dates: July 28, 1896

Leader after first round: Willie Dunn, Willie Tucker, Joe Lloyd, John Shippen, Andrew Smith and James Foulis, 78

Notable Notes: After the first of two 18-hole rounds, six golfers shared the lead. But then James Foulis shot 74 in the second round to win by three strokes. One of those first-round co-leaders was African-American John Shippen, a caddie at the host club. Some of the other players tried to have him kicked out of the tournament, stating they wouldn't play if a black man was in the field. The USGA rejected the racist appeal and Shippen finished tied for fifth place. ... The runner-up, Horace Rawlins, had won the first U.S. Open one year earlier.

Final Scores

James Foulis 78-74—152
Horace Rawlins 79-76—155
George Douglas 79-79—158
a-Andrew Smith 78-80—158
John Shippen 78-81—159
a-Henry Whigham 82-77—159
Joe Lloyd 78-82—160
Willie Tucker 78-82—160
Buff Wilson 82-80—162
Alfred Ricketts 80-83—163
Bert Way 83-81—164
Willie Dunn 78-87—165
William Davis 83-84—167
Willie Campbell 85-85—170
William Hoare 90-81—171
James Mackrell 89-83—172
Alexander Patrick 86-86—172
John Reid 88-84—172
Tom Gourley 82-91—173
John Patrick 88-85—173
Oscar Bunn 89-85—174
John Anson 88-92—180
George Strath 91-89—180
John Harrison 92-91—183
William Campbell 91-93—184
William Norton 87-98—185
R. Anderson 92-95—187
Thomas Warrender 97-93—190

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