1964 PGA Championship Results

The 1964 PGA Championship was the 46th edition of this major, staged by the PGA of America. Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer staged a duel, fighting neck-and-neck all the way. But they were fighting for second place. The winner was the less-heralded Bobby Nichols.

Winner: Bobby Nichols, 271

Where it was played: Columbus Country Club in Columbus, Ohio

Tournament dates: July 16-19, 1964

Leader after first round: Bobby Nichols, 64

Leader after second round: Bobby Nichols, 135

Leader after third round: Bobby Nichols, 204

What Happened at the 1964 PGA Championship

Sixty-four in '64, that's how Bobby Nichols started the 1964 PGA Championship. The 64 he scored in the first round was the very first 64 ever recorded in the PGA Championship.

And Nichols never stopped, winning wire-to-wire with a total of 271. The 271 was also a new record for this event, and it was so good that it took 30 years for anyone to better it. Not until Nick Price won with a 269 at the 1994 PGA Championship was Nichols' 72-hole PGA Championship scoring record broken.

Nichols led by one over Arnold Palmer after three rounds. Palmer was solid in Round 4 with a 69, but Nichols carded a 67. That left Palmer tied for runner-up with defending champion Jack Nicklaus, who closed by matching the 18-hole record of 64 that Nichols had established a few days earlier. For Nicklaus, it was his third runner-up finish in a major in 1964.

It was the first of three runner-up finishes in the PGA for Palmer, who never won this championship. But in shooting 68-68-69-69, Palmer became the first golfer to score four rounds in the 60s at a major. For Nichols, it was the fourth PGA Tour win of his career. Nichols eventually finished with 11 wins on the PGA Tour, but this remained his only win in a major.

Fifty-one-year-old Ben Hogan was tied for fifth place following the third round, and finished tied for ninth. He played this major only once more, and Hogan had one more Top 10 finish in a major after this (at the 1967 Masters).

1964 PGA Championship Final Scores

Bobby Nichols 64-71-69-67—271
Jack Nicklaus 67-73-70-64—274
Arnold Palmer 68-68-69-69—274
Mason Rudolph 73-66-68-69—276
Tom Nieporte 68-71-68-72—279
Ken Venturi 72-65-73-69—279
Bo Wininger 69-68-73-70—280
Gay Brewer 72-71-71-67—281
Billy Casper 68-72-70-72—282
Jon Gustin 69-76-71-66—282
Ben Hogan 70-72-68-72—282
Tony Lema 71-68-72-71—282
Ed Furgol 71-69-72-71—283
Billy Maxwell 72-71-70-70—283
Gary Player 70-71-71-71—283
Mike Souchak 67-73-71-72—283
Walter Burkemo 70-71-72-71—284
Jacky Cupit 72-71-72-69—284
Bob Charles 68-71-73-73—285
Al Geiberger 73-72-72-68—285
Tommy Aaron 72-74-70-70—286
Julius Boros 70-73-71-72—286
Gardner Dickinson 74-74-68-71—287
Mike Fetchick 74-73-74-66—287
Ted Kroll 72-73-72-70—287
Ed Kroll 75-72-72-68—287
Dick Rhyan 71-72-71-73—287
Bill Bisdorf 73-72-73-70—288
Jim Ferree 70-72-75-71—288
Dick Hart 73-73-72-70—288
George Knudson 76-69-72-71—288
Doug Sanders 71-73-76-68—288
Frank Beard 72-72-71-74—289
Al Besselink 71-73-72-73—289
Pete Brown 71-75-73-70—289
Paul Haviland 68-73-73-75—289
Gene Littler 75-72-74-68—289
Dave Ragan 73-71-74-71—289
Don Bies 76-66-76-72—290
Joe Campbell 73-72-71-74—290
Bruce Devlin 70-73-76-71—290
Bob Keller 69-75-72-74—290
Jack Rule 74-71-72-73—290
George Bayer 71-74-76-70—291
Jack Burke Jr. 74-72-73-72—291
Chi Chi Rodriguez 71-74-71-75—291
Joe Conrad 69-72-74-76—291
John Cook 75-72-70-74—291
Chick Harbert 74-75-68-74—291
Babe Lichardus 72-74-73-72—291
Fred Wampler 74-73-71-73—291
Pete Cooper 77-71-73-71—292
J.C. Goosie 72-74-74-72—292
Bob Hill 72-70-75-75—292
Don Spears 73-71-76-72—292
Bruce Crampton 72-74-74-73—293
Jim Ferrier 73-72-76-72—293
Furman Hayes 74-72-74-73—293
Huston Leclair 73-74-72-74—293
Bob Rosburg 72-75-71-75—293
Bill Ogden 73-76-71-74—294
Jim Browning 71-72-77-75—295
Jimmy Johnson 71-74-72-78—295
Jim Turnesa 76-72-73-74—295
Dave Marr 72-73-74-77—296

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