1994 Solheim Cup Results

This was the third time the Solheim Cup was played. After the American victory, the overall standings in the event's history were USA 2, Europe 1.

Final Score: USA 13, Europe 7

Dates Played: October 21-23, 1994

Location: The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Team Captains: Mickey Walker (EUR) and JoAnne Carner (USA)

Team Rosters:

  • Europe — Helen Alfredsson, Laura Davies, Lora Fairclough, Trish Johnson, Liselotte Neumann, Alison Nicholas, Catrin Nilsmark, Dale Reid, Annika Sorenstam, Pamela Wright.
  • USA — Donna Andrews, Brandie Burton, Beth Daniel, Tammie Green, Betsy King, Meg Mallon, Dottie Pepper, Kelly Robbins, Patty Sheehan, Sherri Steinhauer.
Match Notes: The 1994 Solheim Cup featured the first appearance in the competition by Annika Sorenstam. Sorenstam was a rookie on the LPGA and had not yet won on either the LPGA or LET, but Team Europe captain Mickey Walker gave her the call. Annika went 1-2-0, however, and Europe fell to the USA by a score of 13-7.

The Solheim Cup format in 1994 was 10-player teams with all 10 players per side in action each day: five foursomes matches on Day 1; five fourball matches on Day 2; 10 singles matches on Day 3. Europe led after Day 1, 3-2, and the teams were level at 5-5 following the second session.

But the U.S. dominated singles play, winning eight of the 10 matches. Only Helen Alfredsson and Alison Nicholas claimed singles points for Europe. Brandie Burton and Dottie Pepper led the U.S. side with 3-0-0 records; Trish Johnson and Pamela Wright went 0-3-0 on the European side.

1994 Solheim Cup Match Scores

Day One


  • Dottie Pepper/Brandie Burton (USA) defeated Liselotte Neumann/Helen Alfredsson (EUR), 3&2
  • Annika Sorenstam/Catrin Nilsmark (EUR) defeated Beth Daniel/Meg Mallon (USA), 1 up
  • Dale Reid/Lora Fairclough (EUR) defeated Tammie Green/Kelly Robbins (USA), 2&1
  • Laura Davies/Alison Nicholas (EUR) defeated Donna Andrews/Betsy King (USA), 2&1
  • Patty Sheehan/Sherri Steinhauer (USA) defeated Pam Wright/Trish Johnson (EUR), 2 up

Score after Day 1: Europe 3, USA 2

Day Two


  • Dottie Pepper/Brandie Burton (USA) defeated Laura Davies/Alison Nicholas (EUR), 2&1
  • Beth Daniel/Meg Mallon (USA) defeated Catrin Nilsmark/Annika Sorenstam (EUR), 6&5
  • Dale Reid/Lora Fairclough (EUR) defeated Tammie Green/Kelly Robbins (USA), 4&3
  • Donna Andrews/Betsy King (USA) defeated Trish Johnson/Pam Wright (EUR), 3&2
  • Liselotte Neumann/Helen Alfredsson (EUR) defeated Patty Sheehan/Sherri Steinhauer (USA), 1 up

Score of Day 2 session: USA 3, Europe 2
Overall score after Day 2: Europe 5, USA 5

Day Three


  • Helen Alfredsson (EUR) defeated Betsy King (USA), 2&1
  • Dottie Pepper (USA) defeated Catrin Nilsmark (EUR), 6&5
  • Beth Daniel (USA) defeated Trish Johnson (EUR), 1 up
  • Kelly Robbins (USA) defeated Lora Fairclough (EUR), 4&2
  • Meg Mallon (USA) defeated Pam Wright (EUR), 1 up
  • Alison Nicholas (EUR) defeated Patty Sheehan (USA), 3&2
  • Brandie Burton (USA) defeated Laura Davies (EUR), 1 up
  • Tammie Green (USA) defeated Annika Sorenstam (EUR), 3&2
  • Sherri Steinhauer (USA) defeated Dale Reid (EUR), 2 up
  • Donna Andrews (USA) defeated Liselotte Neumann (EUR), 3&2

Score of Day 3 session: USA 8, Europe 2
Overall and final score: USA 13, Europe 7

1994 Solheim Cup Player Records

Records are listed as wins-losses-halves.

Team Europe
Helen Alfredsson, 2-1-0
Laura Davies, 1-2-0
Lora Fairclough, 2-1-0
Trish Johnson, 0-3-0
Liselotte Neumann, 1-2-0
Alison Nicholas, 2-1-0
Catrin Nilsmark, 1-2-0
Dale Reid, 2-1-0
Annika Sorenstam, 1-2-0
Pamela Wright, 0-3-0

Team USA
Donna Andrews, 2-1-0
Brandie Burton, 3-0-0
Beth Daniel, 2-1-0
Tammie Green, 1-2-0
Betsy King, 1-2-0
Meg Mallon, 2-1-0
Dottie Pepper, 3-0-0
Kelly Robbins, 1-2-0
Patty Sheehan, 1-2-0
Sherri Steinhauer, 2-1-0

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