1963 Masters Tournament: Nicklaus' First Green Jacket

The 1963 Masters was the 27th edition of the tournament. And it was the first victory for Jack Nicklaus.

Winner: Jack Nicklaus, 286

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 4-7, 1963

Leader after first round: Bo Wininger and Mike Souchak, 69

Leader after second round: Mike Souchak, 139

Leader after third round: Jack Nicklaus, 214

Notable Notes: Wet conditions created high scores in the third round, so even though he carded a 74, Jack Nicklaus took a 1-stroke lead. Then, even-par 72 in the final was good enough to secure a 1-stroke victory over Tony Lema.

It was Nicklaus' first Masters win and just his fifth overall win on the PGA Tour. ... At the time, Nicklaus became the youngest winner of The Masters (a record since broken). ... The tradition of Masters honorary starters began this year, with Jock Hutchison and Fred McLeod hitting ceremonial opening drives.

Final Scores

Jack Nicklaus 74-66-74-72—286
Tony Lema 74-69-74-70—287
Julius Boros 76-69-71-72—288
Sam Snead 70-73-74-71—288
Dow Finsterwald 74-73-73-69—289
Ed Furgol 70-71-74-74—289
Gary Player 71-74-74-70—289
Bo Wininger 69-72-77-72—290
Don January 73-75-72-71—291
Arnold Palmer 74-73-73-71—291
Billy Casper 79-72-71-70—292
Bruce Crampton 74-74-72-72—292
Doug Ford 75-73-75-69—292
Mike Souchak 69-70-79-74—292
Bob Charles 74-72-76-71—293
Chen Ching-Po 76-71-71-75—293
Billy Maxwell 72-75-76-70—293
Dick Mayer 73-70-80-70—293
Mason Rudolph 75-72-72-74—293
Dan Sikes 74-76-72-71—293
Stan Leonard 74-72-73-75—294
Johnny Pott 75-76-74-69—294
Art Wall Jr. 75-74-73-72—294
Wes Ellis 74-72-79-70—295
Gene Littler 77-72-78-68—295
Bobby Nichols 76-74-73-72—295
Jay Hebert 70-70-81-75—296
George Bayer 71-75-84-67—297
Tommy Jacobs 78-74-73-72—297
Doug Sanders73-74-77-73—297
Alvie Thompson 79-72-75-71—297
a-Labron Harris Jr. 79-71-73-75—298
Dave Ragan 74-75-76-73—298
Ken Venturi 77-74-77-71—299
a-Bill Hyndman 74-72-80-74—300
Kel Nagle 75-74-76-75—300
Tommy Bolt 75-76-76-74—301
a-Charlie Coe 72-75-79-75—301
a-Homero Blancas 75-77-76-74—302
Antonio Cerda 75-71-78-78—302
Lionel Hebert 75-74-77-76—302
Jack Fleck 74-77-77-75—303
Walter Burkemo 75-77-78-74—304
Jimmy Demaret 75-75-81-73—304
Herman Keiser 75-77-79-74—305
a-Downing Gray 73-76-81-76—306
a-R.H. Sikes 76-76-77-77—306
a-Billy Joe Patton 80-72-74-81—307
Gene Sarazen 74-73-81-80—308

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